The arrests of people Poroshenko: “extortion, threats and not only”

Начались аресты людей Порошенко: «вымогательства, угрозы и не только»

Senior capital tax extorted a bribe in especially large size

The UIR officers of Ukraine managed to take them red-handed.

The management of tax police of Office of large taxpayers of the state fiscal service (GFS) was taken when receiving a bribe in the amount of 100 thousand dollars, writes about this edition of Stopcar.

Начались аресты людей Порошенко: «вымогательства, угрозы и не только»

The attackers demanded a large sum from the founder of the Kiev Finance company.

They threatened, pressured and extorted money for the failure to prosecute and failure to take appropriate measures pressure on the company in criminal proceedings.

Previously, under the control of law enforcement attorney received part of the bribe – 10 thousand dollars. And on Wednesday, June 12, was held the second show of money in the amount of 90 thousand dollars. During obtaining illegal benefit the attackers were caught red-handed.

As noted “Stopcar” several months ago, they drew the attention of law enforcement officers on outrageous abuses and pressure on business by the tax police Office of large taxpayers of the SFS.

The facts caused a great resonance in society, they drew the attention of MPs and members of the Cabinet.

Начались аресты людей Порошенко: «вымогательства, угрозы и не только»

Journalists demanded from the management of tax police of Ukraine to dismiss the head of the investigation Office of large taxpayers of GFS Igor Chapichadze from office and conduct a thorough internal investigation of the revealed facts of abuse.

However, in GFS the evidence presented is not considered meaningful and on infringements in work of subordinates did not pay attention.

And now implicated in receiving bribes in the amount of 100,000 U.S. dollars, including the already mentioned Chapichadze, detained “on hot”.

The publication notes that earlier the lawyer and Chapichadze fruitfully worked in Kharkov.

Начались аресты людей Порошенко: «вымогательства, угрозы и не только»

“We hope that this fact alone will be sufficient for the proper inspection of previous hits “Stopcar”, – noted journalists.

As previously reported, the head of the village Council in the Odessa region extorted from the businessman a bribe of 10 thousand dollars. This reports the press service of the SBU in the Odessa region.

According to employees of security Service of Ukraine together with Prosecutor’s office detained on systematic bribes the head of one of village councils of the Saratsky district.

The Ministry said that the official demanded ten thousand dollars from a local private entrepreneur for the positive decision on allocation in rent of the land plot with a total area of half a hectare with the prospect of privatization of the allotment.

Security forces detained her at the moment when she received the next part of a bribe of two thousand dollars. Earlier, security officials have documented several facts of receiving by the intruder “prepaid”.

“During a search of her office, law enforcement officers found cash in a foreign currency, the origin of which it appears, and of the funds obtained from illegal activities” — told in SBU.

In the framework of the open criminal proceedings under part 3. St. 368 Criminal code of Ukraine are continuing investigations to establish all the circumstances of the transaction and other possible illegal activities of the detainee.

Also checked the involvement of other officers and members of the village Council to machinations with land plots said the Agency.

We will remind, “euroshare” became victims of mass extortion at the Odessa customs.

As he wrote Politeka, police detained red-handed at a shopping center in Kharkov.

Politeka previously reported that the wife of the main fighter against money laundering “caught” the criminal schemes.