The arrest of Grymchak was only the beginning, became aware of a more high-profile arrest: details

Арест Грымчака оказался лишь началом, стало известно о более громком задержании: подробности

Yuriy Hrymchak, who is considered a relative of the wife of Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko, was arrested for a bribe of 1.1 million dollars

Future member of “Servants of the People” Alexander Dubinsky shared his opinion about the arrest of Yuriy Hrymchak and told what article began to investigate a criminal case. He also noted that the officer is a relative of Lutsenko.

Арест Грымчака оказался лишь началом, стало известно о более громком задержании: подробности

“The searches and detention of the Deputy Minister for the occupied territories of Yuriy Hrymchak, who is suspected of receiving a bribe of 1.1 million dollars for help in dealing with the issue of a permit for construction in the historical part of Kiev. So tomorrow will be delayed from the Ministry of culture. Expected. And expected my friends indicative of flogging and planting this member of the non-traditional BPP”, — the blogger notes.

He adds that it is possible and to be sad, and be happy. Joy can come from the reaction of Yuri Lutsenko, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, which Grymchak was an assistant for a long time. Many believe that the prisoner is a relative of Irina Lutsenko. But instead of protecting the first had betrayed him, as sanctioned his arrest.

Арест Грымчака оказался лишь началом, стало известно о более громком задержании: подробности

“But my friends, here a little sad. That whole scheme with receiving a bribe through an assistant, detained Grymchaka all right with looks now, because the official statement of SBU: “Detained all those defendants under article 190, part four.”. And all *lyad, Habari, everyone is happy. But the article 190, part four is not swag. It’s a Scam.”, concludes the future of the MP.

Also, the blogger noted that this detention is not over:”As I said my sources, the details will be another loud, probably even more high-profile arrest”. About him should be announced today, August 15.

We have previously announced the detention of Hrymchak became known on August 14. The offender demanded a bribe from the businessman for assistance in obtaining the necessary permits. Police were able to detain the official “on hot” during receiving the money.

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