The anticyclone will dramatically change the weather in Ukraine, from +13 to +23: forecasters surprised by the forecast

Антициклон резко изменит погоду в Украине, от +13 до +23: синоптики удивили прогнозом

Weather in the near future is preparing Ukrainians pleasant surprise, because to cover the high

This is evidenced by the forecast of Natalia Didenko.

“Weekend with clear SYNOPTIC reputation is already on the nose. And he will be warm and mostly Sunny. Dry partly cloudy and even Sunny weather gives us a powerful anticyclonic field. The anticyclone has a name, Lizbeth, and its center will be over the Black sea. Rainy all sorts of mischief, which will cause the cyclone Quentino, we will not touch,” she said.

Didenko says that on 12-13 October, is expected to be dry and overcast weather.

Антициклон резко изменит погоду в Украине, от +13 до +23: синоптики удивили прогнозом

The air temperature in Ukraine will reach for the Sabbath day +15+20 degrees in the North-East will be fresh, +13+17 degrees. And on Sunday in all areas will be even warmer: it is expected +18+23 degrees. The only caveat. Tomorrow, Saturday, the confrontation between Lizbeth and Quentino may cause increased southwest winds to the North and the West of Ukraine up to storm values. Keep the hat firmly, carefully choose the vehicle, do not leave it under branchy trees and billboards,” he said.

Similar weather will be in the capital of Ukraine.

“In Kiev, Saturday and Sunday — could not be better. In October, of course. The capital provides for a dry weekend. On Saturday I can run against the clouds and look gusty to strong South-West wind, and on Sunday it will be Sunny, the wind will weaken. The temperature maximum will be 12 th October is about +16 degrees, and the 13th of October, about 20 degrees. Housework may wait, yet come autumn cloud time cleaning and sorting closets, go somewhere this weekend, or drive a short distance,” said she.

As previously reported, forecasters said what Ukrainians expect from the weather in October and gave a preliminary forecast.

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Thus, according to the meteorologist, the second month of autumn will be marked by the decrease of temperature, starts freezing. The average monthly temperature in October will be approximately +7 to+12°, in mountainous areas +6 and+7°. Monthly precipitation is expected 32-65 mm, in mountainous areas, places of 75-100 mm.

Traditionally, the second and third decades of October there is a decrease in the average daily temperature. In Transcarpathia and in the southern area, the cold will only come in the first week of November. In General, the second month of the calendar of autumn is forecast to be warmer than the average.

When dynamic zonal circulation of the atmosphere, there is a risk of strong winds, particularly strong in the North and in the mountains. The issue in October will also be fog, which greatly limit visibility.

Антициклон резко изменит погоду в Украине, от +13 до +23: синоптики удивили прогнозом

Remember, Japan is suffering from the powerful showers, the victims more: footage of the frantic elements.

As reported Politeka, popular resorts will lay a wave height of three meters: started to panic, the element is close.

Also Politeka wrote that the Crimea went under water, no electricity.