The aluminum giant up to three to five years

feq-envisage-abandonner-sa-vaste(Quebec) The Summer Festival has gone to a hair this year to erect a new stage on the Plains of Abraham, which would replace the one currently in place. At the last minute, the organization has backtracked and returned to the impressive infrastructure that The Sun has dubbed the “aluminum colossus.”

Last January, we revealed that the FEQ abandoned his vast stage, custom built to the requirements of the concerts of the Plains and inaugurated with great fanfare three years ago – an information that the organization had confirmed us. But ultimately, the famous plant designed and built by the company Unison Structures is back. And for a good time: three years, including this summer, with two option years.

The Director General of the Festival, Daniel Gélinas, said: “Yes, it was about that exchange, because the agreement with Unison ended last year. proposals we looked and we had advanced on a particular product and ultimately it did not work. ”

It seems that the chosen scene could be designed or delivered on time. The QEF has backtracked, but is pleased with his choice. With its partner, the festival has ensured that certain improvements be made, including the installation time is shortened.

“The scene dominates”

“Today, when I look at that, I’m glad we stayed with this one because given the different arrangements that have been made this year, including the stands with reserved seats, dominates the scene. Its size meant that it was not disproportionate. Ultimately, it’s a bargain. ”

Mr. Gélinas concludes that the episode ended well. It also emphasizes that artists are always happy and impressed with the facilities.

“It’s a product resistant to winds and has a large load capacity. The other would have been as good, but perhaps less spectacular. ”

The aluminum giant is 78 meters (256 feet) wide and 27.5 meters (90 feet) high and 27 meters (88 feet) deep. Since its inauguration, this scene which weighs some 115 600 kg (255 000 pounds) hosted artists like The Rolling Stones, Bryan Adams, Stevie Wonder, Bruno Mars and Paul McCartney.

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