The aliens from Nibiru came to the people: incredible shots, that are hard to believe

Пришельцы с Нибиру наведались к людям: невероятные кадры, в которые сложно поверить

Scientists struck a new discovery, which was videotaped.

According to some scholars, Nibiru is a planet in a planetary system, which is operated star Nemesis. This planetary system has a huge gravitational force.

A few days ago in the evening, the Americans saw in the sky a new unidentified object. Surprisingly, some eyewitnesses managed to shoot the alien ship on the video and share it in socially networks.

After a long study of materials, some conspiracy theorists talking about the humanoids who came from Nibiru.

According to them, that UFO aliens were straight from the mysterious planet X.

In turn, ufologists have not yet put forward specific hypotheses.

In spite of this, some web users doubted the veracity of the video and said that the movie is fake.

Пришельцы с Нибиру наведались к людям: невероятные кадры, в которые сложно поверить

Also earlier it was reported that supporters of the theory of the collision of Earth with a mysterious planet Nibiru cautiously forward to the end of the world, which, according to them, that is about to ensue. Those who believe in such an outcome, do not get tired to tell about the terrible consequences of the approaching disaster. They say our planet will this is the end, which describe the most scary movies and books about the Apocalypse.

And yet the world argue, the planet Nibiru and is it a threat to mankind, experts have found a place that can protect them from the approaching disaster.

Proponents of the theory of Nibiru as a fatal date for humanity call on August 16. As they say ufologists, Nibiru is already at a record close distance from Earth.

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Пришельцы с Нибиру наведались к людям: невероятные кадры, в которые сложно поверить

As reported, unknown planet could trigger the end of the world because of its effect on volcanoes throughout the Solar system. In addition, Nibiru has the ability to suck out the lava from the bowels of the Earth.

After the collision of two planets Earth will gradually move away from the Sun, without the warmth of which all life will soon perish. And most likely to survive will have people from Iceland. There are geothermal springs that will help the air temperature drops to critically low levels. But this, according to experts, will bring only a temporary effect.

The Sun have already noted the magnetic storms and violent eruption of lava, which in turn projects onto the Ground the harmful waves and rays.

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