The advice of a nutritionist: what you can satisfy your hunger in the evening and not getting fat

Hunger in the evenings is quite easy to defeat, if not to starve during the day.

Поради дієтолога: чим можна втамувати голод ввечері і не погладшати

Whatever the reason for the increased appetite in the evening, should not tolerate hunger.

There are a few simple steps, allowing you to consume less food without much suffering to itself. Their implementation greatly facilitates this task to lose weight.

Not stocked in store different Goodies. If you have the desire to please your stomach, once a delicacy, buy it in small quantities for times. Then the intention to once again look in the fridge and empty it will disappear by itself.

Cook dinner portions. No additive will eliminate the temptation to eat to satiety. When the propensity to be overweight, choose low-calorie foods, or burn the resulting surplus energetic sports.

Don’t pitch yourself strict requirements, like not eating after 6pm. Consider your energy costs during the day time and bedtime. After all, an empty stomach will cause a lot of culinary fantasies that will prevent the rapid falling asleep. Perfect time for a dinner 2-3 hours before bedtime.

If the dinner is declared to be a categorical no, and there are unbearably want, try to fool the stomach low-fat cheese, carrot, plum, banana, dried fruits. Formed in the process of splitting glucose to charge a certain amount of energy and eliminates the feeling of hunger, informs Rus.Media.

In the evening if you want sweet, replace the sugar with honey, chocolate, dried fruit, dates, nuts. In tandem with the green tea, they are great to fill the void in the stomach, get rid of the hungry rumbling and lift your spirits.

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To spoil my appetite before bed helps a Cup of yogurt. This drink not only satisfies hunger, but also has a beneficial effect on the intestines. Regular consumption of yogurt improves the complexion, skin condition, restores intestinal microflora.

Any food, even eaten in small quantity, will bring a sense of saturation, if it be chewed to a liquid state. Therefore, eat any snacks. This will help to overcome the appetite.

Also instead of a snack you can drink a glass of room temperature water helps a lot of people.

At the same time, if the reason for an increased appetite in the evening is psychological – you are used to eating in front of the TV or whenever upset, or you have nothing to do – the nutritionist advises to not fight with famine, and with their problems, mood disorders and addictions.

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