The advent of Putin in the Donbass thwarted: APU pleased with the news, “destroyed”

Наступление Путина на Донбассе сорвано: ВСУ порадовали новостями, "уничтожили"

Ukrainian military report of losses of militants in the Donbas

This is stated in the press center of the EP on the Facebook page.

May 13, the Ukrainian military has recorded nine violations of the ceasefire regime by Russian fighters, and two times it was used weapons banned by the Minsk agreements – a 82-mm mortars.

Наступление Путина на Донбассе сорвано: ВСУ порадовали новостями, "уничтожили"

The Russians fired at our positions from small arms, heavy machine guns and grenade launchers of various types.

“In the area of responsibility of tactical group “East” the enemy six times fired at positions of the joint forces. In the area of responsibility of tactical group “the North” the positions of our defenders were fired three times”, — says the press center.

The headquarters environmental protection reports that the Ukrainians have not lost a single soldier, injured either. At the same time, as a result of retaliatory actions of the Ukrainian military invaders lost one militant and two of them wounded.

Наступление Путина на Донбассе сорвано: ВСУ порадовали новостями, "уничтожили"

Recall, called the number of personnel of the Russian officers who were deployed on Ukrainian territory

In an interview with reporters said the former commander of OOS Sergei New.

According to him, Vladimir Putin has deployed in the occupied Donbass of about 35 thousand military personnel, and in the annexed Crimea is now 40 thousand.

“In Donbas, the Russians are all senior military positions and comprise the units of the so-called point of action. Special forces instructors from Russia. There, there are between 2100 to 2300 people. And in “the ranks of the armies”, there are about 11 000 Russian citizens (this is to issue passports), and the rest of the personnel were local residents,” explained New.

The former commander of OOS also noted that the “commander” of the so-called “1st or 2nd army corps” never show, because these positions are assigned to personnel of the Russian generals of the armed forces.

We will remind, Putin’s occupiers with weapons rushed to the Ukrainians: the scandalous details and video.

As reported Politeka occupants killed fighter Mat and paid for it: “minus 11”, the details of the triumph in OOS.

Also Politeka wrote that soldiers of the APU eliminated militants “Hedgehog”: “the whole would be wool”.