The adult film star died suddenly: “suffering from…”

Звезда фильмов для взрослых внезапно умерла: «страдала от…»

The actress of films with a “strawberry” for a long time did not answer phone calls

Her friend was worried and decided to visit the woman.

American pornographic actress and model Jessica James died suddenly on Wednesday, September 18. The woman was 43 years old, writes TMZ.

Звезда фильмов для взрослых внезапно умерла: «страдала от…»

Her body was found by a friend who was worried why the actress did not return calls, and decided to visit her at her house in San Fernando (CA).

Entering the house, the man saw James lying unconscious. He immediately called paramedics, but they were powerless.

According to preliminary data, the death was caused by cardiac arrest caused by an overdose of drugs. It is noted that the model was suffering from seizures. In her house was found a lot of drugs.

Jessica James (real name Redding) was born 8 Mar 1979 in Alaska in the United States. In porn she came in 2002. For 2018 starred in movies 279.

As we wrote earlier, the famous American journalist, political columnist ABC News Koki Roberts (Cokie Roberts) died at the age of 75 years. According to the website of the channel, the cause of death was complications from breast cancer.

Roberts, in recognition of colleagues has been rightly described as “a true pioneer in the field of journalism.” Co-workers say she spent a lot of interviews, characterized by deep analysis and thoughtful approach.

Coca three times winner of the prestigious award “Emmy” and has been named one of the greatest women in the history of television. Roberts was honored to get in the Hall of fame, and received the title of “Living legend”.

Звезда фильмов для взрослых внезапно умерла: «страдала от…»

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“Kindness, generosity, sharp wit and thoughtful gaze of Coke on the important issues of the day made ABC the best, and all of us better journalists,” said ABC News President James Hogston.

Roberts was the host of This Week, and also worked as a political commentator and analyst. Since 1988 she for more than three decades was an employee of ABC News. Prior to this she has over 20 years he worked with such media as WNEW, KNBC-TV, CBS News and NP.

In addition, the journalist was the author of eight books, the theme of which was mainly the role of women in American history. Many of them were honored named a New York Times bestseller.

We will remind, found the body of a famous boxer.

As he wrote Politeka, stopped the heart of a legend of French cinema.

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