The actress kissed Zelensky, took off the bra: “very hot!”

Актриса, с которой целовался Зеленский, сняла лифчик: "очень жарко!"

Actress Svetlana Khodchenkova has posed naked for the cover of gloss

It is reported StarHit.

The picture shows the artist sitting on a chair, crossing her legs and covering bare Breasts with his hands. Spicy complement lingerie black color, gold necklace and bracelets in the form of a snake.

Fans of the stars responded differently to the provocative images:

“Svetlana, why would you do that?! You have so many fans — the real ones, and not such as have a naked talentless girls. Be yourself, no pebble can see that you are clever and beautiful!”, — asked some of the fans of the actress. Someone even stated that Khodchenkova in the picture looks vulgar and primitive.

Актриса, с которой целовался Зеленский, сняла лифчик: "очень жарко!"

However, the actress has not responded to the negative.

“It was a very hot photo session” — she said simply.

How does the boyfriend of the actress to such attacks is unknown. Businessman George petrishin do not like to focus on his personal life, preferring to confine themselves to generalities.

“He has a tremendous sense of humor, and I men without a sense of humor is not perceived, — said Svetlana. — Also important for me that the man knew how to take responsibility for themselves”.

In the relationship the couple has been in a long time. They parted, but after time we both knew can’t live without each other. A few months ago, the witnesses told us that often see them in the apartment George is located in the centre of the capital. Sometimes lovers notice and apartments Khodchenkova.

“They’re living together now, even though she’s away a lot — too many projects. But this is family,” shared in the environment of the artist.

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Fans Khodchenkova waiting for the star of the baby from the businessman.However, the actress is still in first place career.

“Like any normal woman, I want children, cook lunch and dinner, — she confessed. — In short, a family in the broad sense of the word. But is unlikely to abandon the film and, frankly, do not quite understand why to put yourself in front of such a radical choice, because today it is possible to combine without damage to itself and the child. If I imagine myself being a mother, with some fashionable gadget, which shows how sweet snuffle baby while mom listens to the explanation of the scene behind the scenes. Or my child will crawl across the nursery room of a beauty salon. I heard there are special backpacks in which the mother can take the baby along for the ride”.

Note that Khodchenkova played the girl Zelensky and in two parts of the film “Love in the city” and the remake of “Office romance”.

Актриса, с которой целовался Зеленский, сняла лифчик: "очень жарко!"

Recall Khodchenkova radically changed her image.

We also wrote that the leading of an eagle and Tails trimmed swapped the buttocks.

Even politeka reported that the youngest billionaire in the world appeared Nude on camera.