The accident with the mother Prytula: “the victims began to blame”, the scandalous details

ДТП с тещей Притулы: "потерпевшие стали виноватыми", скандальные подробности

Ukrainians have been plunged into the horror of a terrible accident involving a mother-in-law of Sergey Prytula. Now, as it turned out, relatives of the pseudo-leadership that brought down mother with the child, pounced on the victims themselves

Victims in road accident in Kiev, relatives of the Lily Sapelnik, which became the obvious culprit of the incident, was accused of refusing to consider the proposal for financial assistance in treatment.

This was reported by the Kiev lawyer Yuriy Sukhov in the network:

“Relatives of the citizen Sapelnik, a suspect in the resonant accident, blame the victims, one of which was almost two weeks in critical condition, in failure, for two weeks to consider the proposal for financial assistance in treatment (first request received no earlier than five days later)”.

According to him, victims also “become guilty” because of late registration for registration help – absurd:

“And it turns out that they are not entitled to receive money for treatment from other people, in addition to citizen Sapelnik and her relatives. The law does not oblige the aggrieved party to take the help of the suspect. Also to do it or not – it is only the victim, not the lawyer. And he can do it immediately, but when they want to,” the lawyer added.

ДТП с тещей Притулы: "потерпевшие стали виноватыми", скандальные подробности

Recall details of an accident involving a mother-in-law of the famous Ukrainian showman Serhiy Prytula just mind-boggling — in real scandal.

Ukrainians are all discussing the incident in the network, many people write that just outraged, “riding” women, say, how you can prevent such an elementary error to confuse the pedals, and even at speed. Some people write about what you know Lily and saying that she often goes behind the wheel drunk. People also write that the video leaked online — revealing, where when you “start” the car the speed and how it was possible to do so.

“It’s just … I can’t believe such a horror could happen even in the yard on the closed territory of the house”

“There’s a pedal to the floor and even the back to include how it was possible to mix up the pedals as ??????????”

“So she went to turn on the reverse gear and already at high speed. Can’t even imagine how the curve can be so fast to pass. If I hit the wrong pedal, it would have hit the fence, and so she went to the gate.
Well and confusing the pedal, any driver in a second already knows it and stops. Immediately this nebylo in General. Assuming that aunties was inhibited reaction. Or was drunk or under some pills”

“So the speed is such, they bleep yourself confused! She th so start?”

“The head should be treated who are the fools* put behind the wheel?”

“I know that chick, my neighbor. Constantly thumping goes, a lifetime in the trade working. Now among the neighbours, her relatives spread information that the leg got a cramp and couldn’t remove the gas pedal. All her tears in the video is a farce, it is now sad due to the fact that the car should be repaired.”

“So it is not slowed down even a chicken old”

“God of slaughter”

ДТП с тещей Притулы: "потерпевшие стали виноватыми", скандальные подробности

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ДТП с тещей Притулы: "потерпевшие стали виноватыми", скандальные подробности

We will remind, terrible accident that occurred in the Darnytsia district of the Ukrainian capital is just mind-boggling details. As you know the Mazda car ran over a mother with a 9-year-old son. The driver of the car was the mother-in-law Sergiy Prytula Lily Sopilnik. The video shows how in broad daylight was a terrible child and woman was destroyed by the onslaught of technology.

In the media leaked information about the 9-year-old victim, the boy died from his injuries in a local hospital. At the moment, it is also known that the child’s mother remains in critical condition in the hospital.

The alleged culprit of the accident hit the wrong pedal and hit a pedestrian – a preliminary version of the incident. Representatives of the Ukrainian mass media addressed to the family of Sergey Prytula to confirm the rumors, but at the moment the response from the possible culprits of the accident and the death of a child followed.

ДТП с тещей Притулы: "потерпевшие стали виноватыми", скандальные подробности

18+Video of the moment #accident on Dneprovsky naberezny. Naadam scho vinovatye Avar, 59-RCNA Inca, Yak for poperedniy version was splatula pedal. Mati TA ditio waikomo Stani hosptality. Pers photo and video s msca:

Posted by Kiev Operational on Thursday, August 22, 2019

Previously appeared the resonant details of the accident in Kiev, which postradali a mother and child. It turned out that driving the crossover “Mazda”, which is August 22, knocked down a woman with a 9-year-old son, was 59-year-old Lily Sapelnik — mother-in-law of the famous showman Serhiy Prytula. The driver of the SUV received no damage.

Lily Sapelnik is the Director and owner of several companies. Journalists contacted her daughter Catherine is Perched (Sapelnik) and asked about the health of the mother.

“I’m not going to comment,” said the girl and hung up.

We recall the tragic incident occurred in the Dnipropetrovsk region.

As reported Politeka fatal accident with children occurred near Kiev, “no chance.”

Also Politeka wrote that in a terrible accident in the Kharkiv region ended the life of a young girl.