The accident occurred in Ukraine, with the Internet, “will apply to all”, the truth surfaced

Катастрофа произошла в Украине с интернетом: "коснется всех", всплыла правда

In the ranking of countries in terms of Internet speed Ukraine dropped by 23 positions, with 58 spaces in the past year, at the 81st

These results showed research by peredaet ЛИГА.net.

It is noted that the two organizations tracked the performance and the speed of broadband Internet in 207 countries and territories for several 12-month periods. This allowed them to determine the overall average speed for the whole world.

According to the research firm, the average download speed in Ukraine is 7.72 Mbps. And the time it takes to download a 5 GB, 1:28:28.

Катастрофа произошла в Украине с интернетом: "коснется всех", всплыла правда

The high-speed broadband networks have been recorded in Taiwan, who rose to this position from 14th place assigned to it in the past year. As reference measures to estimate the speed in used the time required for network booting of the film size of 5 GB for Taiwan to download such a file was required to spend no more than eight minutes.

Singapore keeps stable in first place for two years, even just a little behind the new leader, continues to demonstrate good performance speeds greater than 70 Mbps. A relatively small area of the country is a huge advantage in this regard, allowing for good coverage.

For Singapore in the ranking of the Isle of Jersey, who became the first territory in the world where each user was provided access to the “pure optics” (FTTP). This, in turn, allowed to fly to the island from the tenth to the third place in the ranking.

Sweden, Denmark, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland in the lead for the speed of broadband Internet in Europe – the average download speeds in these countries varies from 55.18 MB/s in Sweden increased to 38.85 Mbps in Switzerland.

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China, despite the well-publicized growth of Internet speed, it takes only 152 place – with an average speed of 2.69 Mbps.

India is at 75th place, showing the speed of 8.66 Mbps.

The only neighbor of Ukraine showed an increase in the ranking of countries in terms of Internet speed, was Belarus, which has risen from 66 seats to 57. Here recorded average speed on the level of 13.19 Mbps.

Катастрофа произошла в Украине с интернетом: "коснется всех", всплыла правда

The study is based on data collected by M-Lab – the open project, which involves civil society organizations, educational organizations, and private companies.

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