The academic efforts rewarded

frederic-allard-julien-carignan-louisThe reward is often the best way to encourage perseverance and studies Foundation Chicoutimi Saguenéens has understood. Three players of the Blues were one of the last three awards of the season on Tuesday, according to their efforts in the classroom.

Julien Carignan departed from Cégep de Chicoutimi richer $ 500, putting his hand on the purse Excellence or school engagement. Louis-Philippe Simard, the only player of Chicoutimi registered in the Science, received $ 200 in connection with the Perseverance award, while Frédéric Allard has also received a check for $ 200, given to the recipient of the Most Improved .

The three hockey players did not put his head in the sand when asked. They know that few players are able to earn a living with hockey, hence the importance of taking school seriously.

“We did not choose to put efforts when talking about plan B, supported Frédéric Allard. It is not everyone who will play in the National League and you have to think about what happens next, either at university or in the workplace. This kind of award shows the importance that the school has a hockey player. ”

In Chicoutimi, all players are required to attend classes. Some attend the college, the youngest are still in high school and others follow distance courses. The myth of the hockey player who neglects his studies is exceeded by Julien Carignan.

“This myth comes from an old mentality because today, all players must go to school and must successfully perform there, he assured. As Fréféric says, that not all players making a hockey career so the studies take their place. ”

The three winners were keen to emphasize all the support offered by the Cégep de Chicoutimi. “It is hard work and commitment, but with the coaching we have, it makes it a bit easier job,” Julien shared Carignan. Eliminated series for three weeks, players have been able to catch up, in addition to resume a “normal life” of students.

“We’re not accustomed to sit for eight hours in a classroom, agreed Frédéric Allard. That’s the biggest difference, but it is not very long before taking the pace. ”

Professor and head of the mentoring program at the Cégep de Chicoutimi, Pierre-Olivier Couture, had a message to launch student-athletes. “Beyond grades, your work ethic in school was excellent throughout the year, he praised. What you have developed will serve you throughout your life. ”

The work far from over for teachers
If the Chicoutimi players put away their April 4 equipment, many teachers have taken over the group of coaches to make up for lost time.

The president of the Foundation studies of Chicoutimi, Joanne Leblanc, who is also a teacher and educational consultant for the players of the team chicoutimienne, agrees that the end of the team’s season allows the academic staff to resume work. Over the past two weeks, players have received two hours of recovery, from Tuesday to Friday, for a total of 16 hours.

“It is not always easy after the series, Ms. Leblanc said. Players are fashion spreads for several weeks and overnight, they are asked to think only about their education. Even if they come back to class, it’s been three weeks that they are less present during the course so they are not at the same level as the others. ”

During the fall semester, the 14 registered players all passed their courses. This winter, 13 attend classes for a maximum of four per session.

“It is impossible to give them a greater workload,” contextualized Joanne Leblanc, mentioning that 60 teachers were involved directly or indirectly in supporting players Sags.

In addition to college students, three others attended Dominique-Racine Odyssey in 2015-2016, and as the Riverside Regional High School for English players. Others also followed distance courses. The Foundation of Chicoutimi studies was founded in 2013.

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