The abolition of important rules on currency market: what is happening with the dollar

Отмена важного правила на рынке валюты: что сейчас происходит с долларом

Now business is able to sell 30% of foreign exchange earnings, as it was previously

Today, June 20, in the currency market all is quiet. The interbank market began trading a dollar for a penny cheaper than it was before. Quotes tried to shake the speculators, but they did not succeed, reports UBR.

Отмена важного правила на рынке валюты: что сейчас происходит с долларом

Bidding started in the framework of 26.36-26,38 UAH. Tried to make the leap to 26.40, but there are unable speculators to gain a foothold and fell to 26.36-is 26.37 UAH/$.

The national Bank of Ukraine today did not show up for another auction of the interbank market and dollar buying. Financiers suggest that the Ukrainian regulator and will come to the market, as there are the prerequisites for this. Proposals on the exchange much, so speculators can’t shake cashless quotes.

Отмена важного правила на рынке валюты: что сейчас происходит с долларом

Interestingly, today is the first day of the new rules, as it abolished the obligation to sell 30% of foreign currency earnings. Income for June 19 now the business can keep and use it at your own discretion.

But this does not affect the situation on the market. Cash today trading started with a decline in the price of the dollar is 5 cents, you can buy American money within 26,45-26,55 UAH. Buy a currency in the framework of 26.0-26,32 UAH/$.

Yesterday the dollar rose to one penny and cost 26.37-of 26.39 UAH/$. The financial market experts thought that these quotes would still give the official forecasts were afraid, as today abolished the mandatory sale of foreign currency business.

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