The 92.9 CFUT radiates more

toute-equipe-station-929-cfut(Shawinigan) officially was celebrated Monday with a fairly attended press conference the disappearance of the 91.1 FM radio and the arrival of 92.9 CFUT as community radio Shawinigan.

In addition to this new identity, the station can now count on a much larger radiation since it enjoys a power 3900 watts allowing it to radiate Saint-Tite in Maskinongé and Mékinac to the St. Lawrence River.

This new feature is possible thanks to an investment of more than $ 300,000 at the end of a very long process of about ten years of dealings with the CRTC for a license amendment. Management had to do it three times before getting permission from federal authorities.

“After the second refusal, says CEO and founder Denis Benoit station, I went to Ottawa to learn more about the reasons. I was told that we lacked evidence to support the community. The third application, I filled myself rather than using an outside resource to a point in the process, people CRTC asked me to stop sending letters of support because was going to clog their computer system. ”

The excitement of several personalities of the political and business communities of Shawinigan to the press conference showed eloquently.

“With our new diffusion capacity, we are able to provide our various clienteles a radio that fits their needs and their expectations, said chairman of the board of 92.9 CFUT Donald Drouin. We have a radio that has proven over ten years and is firmly rooted in the community shawiniganaise to radiate better. ”

The CEO believes it has all the elements to recoup the station whose offices are located on Broadway. “The importance of community stations in Quebec and in the region, with those of Bécancour and Maskinongé, is undeniable. Our mandate remains the same as before but is multiplied by sixteen our reach so that covers a much larger area. I aim the turnovers that CKSM was in his best years but it can not be done in one go. It is for us to ensure our growth; I will first prioritize animation, notably with the arrival of newcomers and also the sales industry. It has also taken steps to ISDN for that is the subject of BBM in the fall. ”

The issue of competition with the already established radio of Trois was a factor when, in 2012, the CRTC denied the second request for change of range of the radio station. The CEO ensures that today are absolutely cordial relations with the people of Trois stations that have also challenged neither the second nor the third request of the shawiniganaise station.

The team of employees of the station has twelve people including a journalist and six facilitators. The management ensures that it will offer daily bulletins of local information, regional and even national through an agreement with COGECO. “We want to ensure that our local and regional roots and comes out that people who listen to the 92.9 are well informed of what is happening in Shawinigan priority.”

A partnership with the Coop Emergence ensures that the station has integrated into its programming two shows entirely dedicated to regional music Thursday evening. The emerging wave will be broadcast from 18 am to 19 pm and music Earth, from 19 am to 20 pm.

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