The 7 most useful seasonal products

7 самых полезных сезонных продуктов

Advise you to pay attention to the autumn riches and to add to your diet fruits, vegetables and other useful products. Treat yourself to a new culinary emotions and replenish the body with vitamins and minerals, because the seasonal fruits they are present in large quantities.

The experts have compiled seven of the coolest seasonal products that are sure to put in your grocery cart in September. Take note!


The autumn berries are a storehouse of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients. Cranberries, cranberry, cranberry — should be reserved for all kinds of autumn berries. Most often they brought from Central Russia, including Vladimir region.

In September the season begins so you have time to enjoy the taste and aroma of autumn berries. Eat them fresh, add to cereals and smoothies, use in desserts and sauces. Don’t forget to prepare the autumn and berries for the winter, prepare jam, jams and fruit drinks. They will help you out in the season of colds and infectious diseases, as autumn berries strengthen the immune system and increase body defenses.


Pumpkin — Queen of autumn season. It is becoming more popular and transformed from an exotic product in the main ingredient of home-cooked meals. Delicious pumpkin grown in the Lipetsk region. There is a famous kind of “Butternut,” or “nut pumpkin”. Pumpkins of this variety are characterized by compact flesh, long shelf life and small seed box (such pumpkins have more flesh).

Pumpkin can be cooked a variety of dishes: cream-soups, salads and appetizers, casseroles, mashed potatoes, desserts. Good pumpkin itself: for example, baked with honey and nuts.

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Sea buckthorn

Sea buckthorn — another popular autumn berry that deserves special mention. This berry is part of many medicines and you’ll be truly miraculous properties. Sea buckthorn has a positive effect on the health of the eyes, gastrointestinal tract, heart and blood vessels. And yet she normalizes sleep and calms the nervous system.

Be sure to cook this fall, fragrant and warming sea buckthorn tea. It creates an atmosphere of comfort and enhances the protective forces of the organism. Drink it regularly to be certain not to get sick in chilly autumn weather.


Rosehips — another hit of the fall season. It is possible to prepare delicious and warming tea. This drink will strengthen the immune system and help fight colds. This is due to the rich composition of rose hip: it contains dietary fiber, protein, b vitamins, K, E, PP, organic acids, essential oils. By the way, rosehip — champion the content of vitamin C. This substance in it more than in lemons and black currant.

Add to your diet the hips, if you want to stay vigorous and active man even in the period of autumn Blues.


Lovers of sweet grapes, rejoice! September is the perfect time to head to the market for a sprig of your favorite grapes. This month on the shelves of markets and supermarkets there are the most popular varieties of grapes.

Champions for the supply of grapes to the Russian market, Uzbekistan and Moldova. Of these countries to carry us as Sultana, and lady fingers. For every taste!

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Grapes are beneficial to the body. It includes everything necessary for the growth and development of nutrients, including vitamins K and C, copper, potassium, and dietary fiber. Grapes enhances the protective forces of the organism, improves heart and blood vessels, calms the nervous system and elevates mood.


The English have a wonderful saying: “an Apple a day saves you from all diseases”. And it’s not just words: apples contain a high concentration of vitamins, minerals, healthy sugars and acids which have a beneficial effect on the human body. Apples strengthen the immune system, improve digestion, cleanse the body of toxins.

September is the season for these wonderful fruits. This month ripen the most delicious and healthy varieties of sweet apples with candy flavor (for example, “champion” and “Melba”). Their pulp is particularly soft, so eat them fresh as often as possible. Apples can also be baked, added to a salad or cereal, and even cook them a dessert.


The undoubted favorites of the fall season remain melons. If in August was still a risk to buy is not the ripe fruit, in September, he is reduced to a minimum. Now in the markets and at special points sell the sugar and juicy melons.

When choosing fruits, pay attention to their appearance. Watermelons and melons should not be visible damage or dents. Do not buy fruits with cracks through them in the flesh can get contaminated with bacteria and harmful microorganisms. And try to buy melons in safe places and not on roads: their skin is quite delicate and passes the exhaust gases and dirt that are often found on the road.

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