The 3 most common cases that are slowly killing your car

Sometimes motorists don’t even think about it, what harm caused to his car during improper operation.

3 найбільш поширені випадки, які повільно вбивають ваш автомобіль

To ensure that the car ceased to go do not have to take drastic measures, for example, hold the brake and gas at the same time. What actions lead to the breakage of the car? 3 consider the most common cases that reduce the life of your iron horse, informs Rus.Media.

No. 1. Roof rack

The trunk, which is installed on the roof of the car – a good thing, but this extra space, should be used with caution. The maximum weight that can bring in the car on the roof, depends on such factors as: class machines, the method of attachment of the trunk and so on. On average, a normal sedan can withstand about 70 kg. the Main reason for damage in the car that carries cargo on the roof – a change in aerodynamics and weight distribution of the car. Also, when accelerating, for example up to 80 km/h, the load will move backward, the trunk will come off and damage the roof of the car.

No. 2. To give the car to rest

The car was invented, so she went. If the owner decided to rest his “horse”, for example, a year or more, it can cause many problems. The point is this: the vehicle has moving parts that must be regularly lubricated. In a lengthy “vacation”, oil of some nodes may be dry. If the car sharply to start, there is a chance to hear the rattle of metal. Tip: when buying a car, and you say that the car stood in the garage, check how long the car was motionless.

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No. 3. To refuel cheap fuel

Sometimes the driver forgets to fill up the time, and he has to go to the nearest gas station. But not all gas stations sell good fuel. Poor quality fuel can create a lot of problems in the future. For example, increase fuel consumption and reduce engine thrust. One refill at a gas station unchecked may lead to serious consequences, such as, engine repair. This is especially true of modern cars with high-tech engines.

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