The 10-year Admirals at Sous-Bois

samuel-duchaine-emilie-fortin-julienIn early twenties only rock group members the Admirals from Alma origin can already celebrate their tenth anniversary. And they will celebrate at home on July 16 to the steeple Cafe, after a show in Chicoutimi, the day before the Sous-Bois.

The musicians share the stage with the giant machines, which will be the first part in Alma and in the second part in Chicoutimi. Admirals selected a list of its success among its four albums, from The Earth is Round in 2007, and some new times. Both parties should brew.

“Being able to celebrate our ten years of age we have, it’s rare. People are surprised when they are told that we have 22-23 years, “says bassist Emilie Fortin, who joined the training there are five. Jerome brothers and Samuel Duchaine met the lead singer Julien Poirier when they were studying at the Seminary Mary Queen of Clergy. Since last year, the musicians live together in Montreal where they pursue their studies.

“It feels good to get out of the area, it’s refreshing. When the guys started, they had no driving license and even it is their parents who brought them to their shows, Emilia laughs. For a long time, especially one remained in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean. What is good for Montreal is that is close to everything. It’s nice also to come back. ”

Since the release of her fourth album in 2015, let the fire burn, Admirals has not worked on new material. However, the Group has recorded an English version of his first album in French, which is in post-production courses.

“We had a good reception from the public. People thought we kept our American rock sound and they forgot that we sang in French. Some of the songs were written first in English, and we thought, why not make a second version, and people will choose their favorite? We have not yet decided what format we will get her out, “says the only girl training, flourishing well with male trio.

Admirals just find a new local in Gatineau, where the drummer is working and where it is easier to get to practice. Members spend a quiet summer, having juggled a job, performances and studies over the past year.

“We took the opportunity to step back and breathe. Let the fire burn after, it was the first time we were completely satisfied and we do not already thinking about a next album. We want to put on it in the fall, but has not yet decided if it wants to do in English or French, “continues Emilia Fortin.

The move to Montreal was scoring for training. “It has allowed us to grow as individuals.” The music remains the priority for the quartet who manages to be recognized by their white jacket naval officer, even in the metropolis. “We discover lots of new groups and new rooms,” says the bassist Admirals.

One thing is clear to Emilie Fortin: “We are not parties to stop, we are there to still at least another 10 years!”

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