That’s why Poroshenko urgently left the Ukraine! Surfaced details of the brazen escape. 13 criminal cases and…

Вот почему Порошенко экстренно покинул Украину! Всплыли детали наглого бегства. 13 уголовных дел и...

The fifth President Petro Poroshenko’s family urgently left the Ukraine, and it may be associated with cases that were opened against him

This is stated in the material Word.

Earlier it was reported that Poroshenko allegedly flew with his family from Ukraine for a holiday, but sources claim that the former President leave may be used for meeting with lobbyists from the United States.

Вот почему Порошенко экстренно покинул Украину! Всплыли детали наглого бегства. 13 уголовных дел и...

As you know, at the moment in relation to Petro Poroshenko and his entourage filed 13 cases in which law enforcement agencies managed to conduct a number of searches.

According to the lawyer Andriy Portnov, the cases also featured a close ally of ex-President Oleksiy Filatov, who the AP was responsible for communication with the courts. Also in the “announcements” are the managing Director of the Fund for guaranteeing deposits of natural persons Konstantin Vorushilin, MP Serhiy pashynskiy (want him for the shooting incident of premium weapons to random passerby, Vyacheslav Chimiques 31 December 2016).

In addition, there is Andriy Parubiy – the case of the tragedy on 2 may 2014 in Odessa (according to eyewitnesses, the speaker of Parliament — a direct participant in the events). And on June 6 Portnow reported that the court arrested the property of one of the closest allies Poroshenko, Igor Kononenko.

Вот почему Порошенко экстренно покинул Украину! Всплыли детали наглого бегства. 13 уголовных дел и...

“He is well aware that everything that happens in the RRG, very seriously, and intend to defend against attacks. You can, for example, waiting for public support in Washington in the case of attempted arrest,” said the insider.

It is possible that after the announcement of the suspect’s fifth President Petro Poroshenko tries to leave Ukraine.

“For example, will leave for medical treatment or in London, where he established part of his entourage. But this model complicates public protection of business assets within the country that can be arrested,” says political scientist Alexei Yakubina.

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Previously, we have reported a sudden Exodus of Petro Poroshenko with his family from Ukraine. According to media reports, the family of the former President flew out of Ukraine two aircraft to the United Arab Emirates and Germany

In particular, 28 Jul Petro Poroshenko on a Charter flight flew from Kiev to Istanbul. It is known that on Board the aircraft were Oleksiy Poroshenko, Poroshenko, Yulia (wife of Alex) and Elizabeth Poroshenko (President).

The plane took off from the Ukrainian capital at 18:47 and sat down in Istanbul at 20:22. Later, the flight flew to Dubai and sat in the United Emirates in 00:54 Kyiv time. After that the aircraft disappeared from the radar of the international system.

As for the other part of the family, they left Ukraine on another plane. So, on 23 July by a regular flight Kiev – Munich from Ukraine departed: Maryna Poroshenko, Poroshenko, Eugenia (daughter), Mikhail Poroshenko (son) and Alexander Poroshenko (daughter).

Recall, the wife of Poroshenko infuriated Ukrainians ridiculous show.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky secretly gathered all future “public servants”.

Also Politeka wrote that ally Poroshenko went to the person and called Zelensky.