That recognition! Kamensky before the wedding taken aback by the statement about another man: “I am thrilled with it”

Вот и признание! Каменских перед свадьбой огорошила заявлением о другом мужчине: «Я млею от него»

Famous Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamensky said, as relates to the hot hunk from abroad

Ukrainians actively discuss her possible wedding with producer Potap. However, Kamensky not officially made any statements regarding the wedding. Recently, the singer told about what will open the concert hot Colombian singer Maluma.

Вот и признание! Каменских перед свадьбой огорошила заявлением о другом мужчине: «Я млею от него»

About this Kamenskikh said in an interview with “social life”.

“I am thrilled with him, from his songs. I really like it. He’s very hot,” shared Anastasia.

In addition, Kamensky hinted that she may have with Maluma released a joint song. For her it is not the first experience of collaboration with Western artists. Recently, the Ukrainian singer presented a Remix on Spanish song “Peligroso”. In the work took part the rapper De La Ghetto.

Insiders said that the wedding of Potap and Nastya Kamenskih is scheduled for may 23. Rumor has it that the couple is strengthened by exercise, this explains the fact that the farm is quickly lost. Probably, the festival will present the former wife of producer: Irina Gorovaya. The source also said that horova is not just a guest, and will act as the witness. The insider said that after the wedding the newly married couple will leave on a wedding trip and will rest until the 3rd of June.

Yesterday the celebrity, along with rapper and favorite Potapov went to Sunny Turkey, having to give several concerts in various luxury hotels. So, the artist put a delicate frame against the sea, mountains and yachts, posing in a very unusual outfit. She was trying on leather pants, white shirt and black jacket, adding to the image of a Fanny pack and a massive white sneakers with neon insert.

Recall, Kamenskikh Topless showed a very hot photo: “pick up the drool from the floor”

As reported Politeka, Kamenskikh fully undressed and showed all the top hottest pictures 18+

Also Politeka wrote that Kamensky made a Frank admission on the eve of the wedding: “leshenka! I’m so happy that you are”