That kills virility: named for the most unexpected reasons

Что убивает мужскую силу: названы самые неожиданные причины

Studies have proven that these factors that we face on a daily basis, is the cause of reduced potency in men

Statistics show that more than half of men of middle and old age suffer from erectile dysfunction. Experts have called 8 everyday habits that can negatively affect erection.

Jogging. This is bad news for those who used to run every morning. Lovers too long runs often suffer from impotence. This is not a reason to stop exercise, but if you run every week for 60 kilometers, the testosterone level can fall by 17%.

Что убивает мужскую силу: названы самые неожиданные причины

“Healthy” coffee. You can choose coffee with soy milk, and consider it healthy, but it’s not. Scientists from Harvard believe that soy is a potent estrogen-like properties that decrease the level of testosterone in the male body. But the performance of the female hormone estrogen in men growing.

Sugar. Excess sugar is harmful to the body for many reasons. In particular, it affects the circulation indicators, and the level of erection depends on blood flow.

The birth of children. After the appearance of a baby in family life decreases the level of sex. But if the women he according to specific and well understood reasons is not needed, men need it. In addition, children who are crying also negatively affect the level of testosterone in the male body, as found by scientists from the University of Michigan.

The lack of sleep. Constant fatigue leads to poor erections, confirmed by many studies. Lack of sleep makes the body to recover and fill up the level of testosterone.

Smoking. The toxins contained in cigarettes cause damage to blood vessels, which negatively affects the flow of blood through the veins.

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Cycling. Fans spend a lot of time in the bike saddle are faced with constant pressure in the region of the penis. In 2005 scientists have proven that 4% of men, spend at least three hours a week on the bike suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Что убивает мужскую силу: названы самые неожиданные причины

Sedentary job. Long periods in a seated position adversely affect the health and reduce levels of vitamin D. And after him falling and indicators of testosterone.

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