That gave Vladimir Putin on the 66th anniversary

Every year Vladimir Putin has time to accept congratulations on the birthday from hundreds of people. On 7 October President of the morning starts to take congratulations from other heads of States, politicians and their friends who are generous not only on the wishes for the birthday boy, but also for unique gifts.

The list of all presented to the head of state presents the Kremlin never read out, but some of the gifts presented publicly, the country still knows. In the past Vladimir Putin presented arms, musical instruments, paintings, rare edition books and various works of art. Often the head of the Kremlin give the animals. So, in past years he received the gift of the crocodile, puppies, horses, goats and even a Siberian tiger cub.

Presented to Putin and more unique gifts – for example, on the occasion of his 50th anniversary he received from domestic jewellers copy of the Monomakh’s Cap, Ramzan Kadyrov gave his colleague and friend in the past year, a football game, and MSU students once made a lot of noise, making the President an erotic calendar.

A close friend of Vladimir Putin – former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and even gave the birthday boy last year, the duvet cover handmade with their image, with a clear hint at their intimate relationship.

This year the Russians have also tried to show originality in the congratulatory message of Putin with the 66 th anniversary. In particular, the Crimean arranged on the occasion of the birthday of the head of state like a flash mob. Local activists have created a sticker with the words “Putin is our” that give motorists.

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All day the Crimean drivers were posted in social networks your photo taken at pictures of their cars with stickers to congratulate their President.

The popular front has created for the leader of the nation people’s video greeting by mounting it of the best videos that the Russians have sent in onf.

But the Youth front held a protest “Postcard to the President,” gathered from residents of different parts of Russia written congratulations to the first person of the country. The best postcards will then be personally handed over to Putin.

But veterans of the Urals presented to Vladimir Putin song. Local folk ensemble “Ural gems” that exists for 45 years, wrote to the head of the Kremlin execution of our own compositions.

Members of the movement Putin Team has also decided to publicly congratulate the leader of the Russian nation. They made a huge banner with the image of Putin, who deployed opposite the St. Petersburg state University, where he studied at the time, Mr President. The inscription on the banner reads: “happy birthday, captain!”.

What other gifts Putin was on his 66th birthday is still unknown. The press service of the head of state, celebrated a birthday with the closest people, official statements on this subject have not yet done.

Recall that almost all of the gifts that the President receives on his birthday, we go to the presidential library.

Putin, like all Russian presidents, according to the established order, to part with the gifts presented, since they are state property. The leader of the nation, has the right by law to keep only gifts whose value does not exceed 5 minimum wages (about 30 thousand rubles).

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