That favorite shade of lipstick will talk about the nature of women

The shade of lipstick that a woman chooses can tell a lot about her.

Що улюблений відтінок помади розповість про характер жінки

The choices we make before leaving the house every day can have a deeper meaning than we might think. It is therefore not surprising that the lipstick that a woman chooses can tell a lot about her, informs Rus.Media.

Bright red

This trust and confidence! If you unconsciously choose a bright red lipstick, you show the world that you are a passionate. Do you like it when you admire, and you don’t mind if others see your sensitive side. For those who lack courage and confidence, red lipstick may help to transform you into a more confident woman.


This is usually lipstick, which is slightly muffled, but contains shades of purple and gray. This color shows that you know what you are doing. You are organized and patient. You prefer to carefully plan everything and not make rash and spontaneous decisions.

Pale red

This color says about modesty. If you apply this lipstick, it says that you are a calm person. But this does not mean that you are boring. You have a great inner world.


This shade shows that you are a kind and generous man. You care deeply about your family and friends. You can switch to this color to get a good attitude from strangers.

Hot pink

This lipstick says that you like adventure. If you apply this color, it means that you are not afraid to show the world your wild side. Your favorite word may be “so”. You say “Yes” to new adventures, new people, new experiences. There are very few things that scare you.

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You are in a hurry to get what you want. You enjoy every moment of life and like to live in the present and in the present day. When it comes to love, you get the thrill of the chase.

Pale pink

If you wear pink lipstick, you’re the one who enjoys admiration. This shade tells the world that you like things that are cute and cuddly. You also love children and animals.


You feel that you are deeply connected to nature, animals and the environment. You are not interested in a superficial experience or a shallow relationship. You find meaning in everything they see and do.

Unique lipstick colors

Blue, green, yellow and so on. is all about creativity. When you apply these colors, so you have a vivid imagination. You can be an introvert or an extrovert, but creativity and artistry is a big part of your life.


Black lipstick does not mean you are negative or angry person, it shows that you have a dark side. You probably have a dark sense of humor. It might be interesting to explore your dark side.

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