That can not be microwaved

To keep a microwave and meals safe and sound, it is not necessary to get rid of foods and things.

Що не можна гріти в мікрохвильовці

Microwave ovens have become an integral part of the life of any modern man. Now we have very difficult to imagine how we ever managed without this miracle appliance. With their help you can easily and quickly heat up (and sometimes brought to readiness), a huge number of dishes, this microwave takes up minimal space in the kitchen. Despite its versatility and usefulness, there are a few rules that we must follow to prolong its use and, in fact, to stay safe, because sometimes its improper use can lead to very unpleasant results, informs Rus.Media.

So, to save the microwave and your meals safe and sound, it is not necessary to get rid of foods and things.


Fruits definitely are not those foods that need warming in the microwave. Grapes, for example, will explode, and the raisins are so much smeared on the inner surface of the microwave that you’re unlikely to be able to save her.

Hot pepper

Що не можна гріти в мікрохвильовці

Hot peppers, especially dried, is also not suitable for it warmed in the microwave. Capsaicin, the active ingredient in hot peppers – under the influence of high temperature from the microwave evaporates and the resulting vapor is very harmful.


Що не можна гріти в мікрохвильовці

I think everyone in their life has thought about how to boil an egg in the microwave. However, before you start experiments, I would still advise you to think carefully. Inside the shell egg is heated to incredible temperatures, which in the end will lead to a large explosion right in the microwave. If you do not want to spend the rest of the day scrubbing dried yolk, better not do this.

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Metal cookware

Що не можна гріти в мікрохвильовці

I think we all know that heat metal objects in a microwave is not recommended. Usually starts strong sparking, and if the dishes still and aluminum, then and all to catch fire. Best for heating or cooking use special utensils for microwave ovens. Then your lunch will be safe, and microwave will serve you further.


Що не можна гріти в мікрохвильовці

Don’t try to boil in a microwave oven water. As such boiling will not occur, as the surface of the cookware will remain cool. And if you want something in this water to brew, the effort will not succeed. In the extreme case stir from time to time anything to the water itself.


Що не можна гріти в мікрохвильовці

If you are going to heat in the microwave the bread, of course, will only spoil the bread, and nothing more. If he will stay there for about 10 seconds, it instantly will soften and deteriorate much faster. If you want to dry stale bread, it is better to use the oven, not the microwave.


Що не можна гріти в мікрохвильовці

Some things made of plastic, suitable for being warmed in the microwave, but then they should be the inscription testifying to this. If anything similar you can not find it, so the plastic just melted inside of the furnace, and after it will be very difficult to clean.


Що не можна гріти в мікрохвильовці

Yes, I also heard that if you put a sponge in the microwave and heat it for 30 seconds, all the germs, entrenched in it, will be destroyed. There are, however, in this method, and a giant negative – your kitchen will stink so that you will don’t really care if the sponge microbes. I agree, they are not so expensive to carry out on them such tests. Just get an old sponge and put it near the sink a new one.

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