“Thanks,” Gerus and Kolomoisky for a return to dependence on Russia in all spheres – energy, the economy, politics! – the former head NKREKU wolf

"Спасибо" Герусу и Коломойскому за возврат к зависимости от РФ во всех сферах – энергетике, экономике, политике! – экс-глава НКРЭКУ Вовк

According to him, the Kremlin has regularly used against Ukraine “energy weapon” to put pressure on the Ukrainian government, what can happen now

Lobbied the head of the parliamentary Committee on energy Andriy Gerus import of electricity from Russia returns the country to a state of dependence from the Kremlin. As reported Delo.ua, this was stated by former head of the National Commission, carrying out state regulation in the sphere of energy and communal services Dmitry Vovk on his page in Facebook.

“Gerus in violation of the rules lobbying in non-core law permit the import of electricity from Russia and Belarus, the words promising — will only from Belarus. And yesterday, 2 weeks later amendments to the law, the company “United energy” associated with Kolomoisky, has started importing electricity from Russia. Next expect a “sudden” termination of the supply of electricity from the Russian Federation at the most critical moment — in the winter, as has happened many times with other supply resources,” wrote Vovk.

He recalled that the Kremlin has regularly used against Ukraine “energy weapon” to put pressure on the Ukrainian government.

“For anybody not a secret — for Russia is the norm to use energy to influence and blackmail of Ukraine. So it was repeated with gas, oil, coal, nuclear fuel reprocessing/storage — artificial man-made restrictions and problems with the subsequent “friendly” a revision of commercial conditions…,” wrote Vovk.

The former head of the national Commission believes that the introduction of import parity according to the “Rotterdam+” has enabled Ukraine to get rid of it, but formula-based pricing did not like close now to the new government businessman Igor Kolomoisky. And now it was his lobbyists got permission for the import of electricity from Russia that brings our country to dependence on the Kremlin.

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“Thank you” to Mr Gerus and his head Kolomoisky for actions against Ukraine’s interests, namely a return to dependence on Russia in all spheres — energy, the economy, politics!” — wrote Vovk.

We will remind, on September 18, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the law “On amendments to some laws of Ukraine in the sphere of nuclear energy use”, in which the head of the energy Committee of Parliament Andriy Gerus lobbied for the edit — allowed to buy Ukrainian consumers of imported electricity at bilateral contracts. According Gerus, imports had to be from Belarus.

October 1 was the first delivery of electricity from Russia in import mode. Supply held steady schedule with capacity of 100 MW. This is evidenced by the data on the website of “Ukrenergo”. According to a source in the market, the import made by the company “United energy”, which is associated with Igor Kolomoisky.