Thank you songs for them: a mysterious incident occurred in the hospital, “God has sent”

Спасибо песням Повалий: загадочное ЧП произошло в больнице, "сам бог послал"

Found in a Russian clinic girl learned a song by Ukrainian singer Taisia Povaliy

Thus, the performer was able to shed some light on the mystery of the origin of the child, according to

Details became known of the fate of girls abandoned by the mother in one of the Moscow clinics. Doctors found the baby Friday morning, a girl about three years.

Everything she said so far is two words, “Mama” and “Nata”.

Спасибо песням Повалий: загадочное ЧП произошло в больнице, "сам бог послал"

According to doctors, the girl surrounded by strange people behaving rather calmly. A girl with an appetite ate in the morning, and gladly took from the hands of nurses Apple. Doctors noted the child’s independence – she knows how to undress and dress, quietly lies down to sleep.

The above facts confirm that the girl often had to be among strangers without much attention from adults.

The only thing a child could not do is to tell where it came from and what happened to her. The girl’s parents wanted the investigators. And the unexpected lead they threw Ukrainian singer Taisiya Povaliy.

The medical staff of the hospital in absentia sends thanks to the singer and believes that her songs God himself has sent for the salvation of the child.

Спасибо песням Повалий: загадочное ЧП произошло в больнице, "сам бог послал"

The fact is that, putting baby to sleep, one of the nurses began to sing her one of songs of people’s artist of Ukraine, and the girl responded, apparently hearing a familiar language.

Furthermore, the child generally responds to Ukrainian more than Russian.

Earlier it became known that thanks to the CCTV cameras, the police noticed that the girl on the territory of medical institutions has led a young girl. Soon, a grief-mother found and interrogated.

As reported by Russian media that police say, was a 21-year-old Ukrainian woman Maria Rudnitskaya. She has two children. In addition to abandoned girls, she brings up a boy of six years. A few days ago, a young girl arrived in Moscow from Zhmerinka to live with his 26-year-old boy. Once in the Russian capital, she decided to get rid of the baby.

Recall that the mother abandoned her infant daughter at the hospital and disappeared, the details

As reported Politeka in Russia found Ukrainian woman who threw daughter in the hospital: what do we know about pseudo-mother

Also Politeka wrote that the child drowned in front of friends: “children begging”.