Tesla has unveiled a budget version of the electric car Model 3

Elon Musk presented another novelty. Budget version of the electric car Tesla Model 3 will cost 31 thousand dollars.

Tesla представила бюджетну версію електрокара Model 3

Tesla expands its range of electric vehicles. Engineers develop electric cars at different price points, to meet the needs of all the customers. Another “machine” was a modified version of the Model 3. Electric car refers to the budget segment, however the car has topovi technology and features, informs Rus.Media.

The updated model of the electric vehicle will travel without stopping 410-430 miles on a full charge. The previous modification of the Model 3 up to 500 kilometers without recharging. The cost of the modified version starts from 45 thousand dollars. The price of the electric vehicle does not include tuning and additional features.

Tesla представила бюджетну версію електрокара Model 3

The cost is not final, as the American Corporation is a flexible database of discounts and bonuses. In the end, the price will be 35 thousand dollars. Elon Musk reports that the figure does not reflect the picture, because the cost of not invested the fuel costs. Average fuel consumption will help the driver of the electric vehicle Tesla to save 4 thousand dollars.

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