Terrorists fire from banned weapon front-line villages (VIDEO)

Террористы обстреливают из запрещенного оружия прифронтовые поселки (ВИДЕО)
In Donbass militants camouflage under mortar fire grenade to trick the OSCE observers.

In fact, the enemy shelling of the prohibited weapons to the Ukrainian military and border towns say the APU fighters defending the territory of the Donets front.

So, residential areas of Novgorod and the strengthening of the APU, the enemy were covered from the grenade, releasing this weapon of mine of 82 mm caliber. After this attack there had been significant destruction of houses.

Militants 12.08.2018 year fired at southern mortars 120-mm caliber and grenade launchers SPG-9, destroying several houses in the residential sector — is confirmed at the headquarters of the OS.


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