Ten reasons to walk more each day

Десять причин ходить каждый день больше

Not necessarily every day to run and do heavy exercise to stay healthy

We all know the importance of regular exercise and their impact on our mental, physical and emotional health. However, the majority of us think that physical activity is only effective when we are unable to raise neither feet nor hands after a workout. Studies have proven that even moderate exercise can be quite effective.

Therefore, the benefits to our health daily walk like that.

1. Weight loss. Walking is quite simple, so we don’t tend to associate it with weight loss. But in fact, daily walking combined with a healthy diet, very effective for weight loss. Especially to fight belly fat.

Десять причин ходить каждый день больше

2. Improves mood. Regular walking calms your nervous system, reducing temper tantrums and aggression. By the way, the walk can improve your mood.

3. Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Walking for 30 minutes at least 5 times a week will reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by 30%.

4. Improves digestion. Walking helps to improve motility of the stomach and intestines, and normalizes your digestion.

5. Lowers blood pressure. Regular walking can lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of tachycardia by 30%.

6. Will help prevent and control diabetes. People who walk at least 30 minutes a day reduces the risk of developing diabetes by 30%.

7. Strengthens bones. Walking helps to make your bones more strong and healthy.

8. Your mind becomes more creative. Studies show that walking increases creative potential, as this activity improves the formation of new ideas.

9. Helps to relieve pain and improve mobility. Walking can greatly improve the situation with the loss of mobility in people with peripheral arterial disease.

Десять причин ходить каждый день больше

10. Your legs will look more toned and beautiful.

As we get older, the risk of varicose veins increases. However, walking is a proven way to avoid this disease.

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