Ten nights of free entertainment

texte-carl-dufour-president-arrondissementDespite an envelope less well stocked, Jonquière music falls this year on the challenge to offer 10 nights of free entertainment.

“The decrease of the envelope has led us to strengthen programming. There is $ 96,000 tablets for 10 days. Some festivals require that amount for three days. This year, with the value of the dollar, we could not go international. We concentrated on Quebec artists. We managed to have metal proposals, pop, rock and country. It is a tour de force, “says Alain Tremblay, director general of the green event.

Roch Voisine will kick off the festivities on July 1. 2, Chez Geek, group formed by former sidekick Dede Fortin, Mike Sawatzky, will take the stage. Jason Hudon, a native of the region, takes the vocal part of the show.

During the second week of festivities, Origin of Muse tribute to Muse will be performing on July 6th. The next day, Rémi Chassé, former member of the Louis-Jean Cormier team’s Voice, will present his equipment.

July 8, Black silence, The Brothers and Ch’val Vilain Pingouin will come together for an evening that will plunge the audience into the rock of the 90s.

July 9, France D’Amour will make his first foray jonquiérois festival with a proposal 100% rock.

Quebec Redneck Bluegrass Project, which used to occur in China, will launch the third week of shows on 13 July. The next day Grimskunk offer its progressive punk and alternative rock. On July 15, the original Sagueneen Philippe Brach present his equipment. The festival will end with the sound of country music of Irvin Blais.

Jonquière music offers again this year of the first parts of artists from the region.

The winner of the category singer-songwriter of the Song Festival of Saint-Ambroise 2015, Mathilde Laurier and the Vanupieds, Made in Seattle, Ryder, Martin Mc Fly with DeLoreans, St. Paul, No One Dead , Joé man band and Yannick Mailloux will have the opportunity to be heard.

New this year, a half and half drawing will be held every night at the site. A new way to raise funds for the festival which benefits including financial assistance of $ 76,000 Saguenay.

The 5, 12, 19 and 26 July, performances will also be offered on the lunch on the terrace of the library of the rue Saint-Dominique. Mécanic Blues, Barry Dawe duo Steeve Dupuis and Karl Roos will hear their parts.

The festival will also transport the Camping Jonquière. DJ’s of the team Traxxion 4 will host the site from 12 pm to 17 pm, before heading to the park of the Rivière-aux-Sables to the audience dancing from 19 to 20 hours. “Jonquière music expands,” says Alain Tremblay.

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