Telegram for PC: how to install the popular messenger

Telegram на компьютере: как установить популярный мессенджер

Messengers for several years reliably Internet segment in Ukraine and around the world. Not surprising, because they are much easier social networking and is completely free. Telegram is in great demand on a par with such giants of industry as Whatsapp and Viber. Few people know that it works not only on smartphones but also on personal computers. We provide detailed installation instructions.

The contents

  • 1 Briefly about Telegram
  • 2 Install Telegram on PC
  • 3 First launch and registration
  • 4 Download through the Microsoft Store
  • 5 Advantages and disadvantages of the PC version
  • 6 Portable version
  • 7 Web version of Telegram
  • 8 Registration without the phone

Briefly about Telegram

The messenger came up Pavel Durov — the founder of the famous social network “Vkontakte”. The basis of the project was the idea of secure communication. In one interview, the businessman said that once to his “guests” came to the special forces soldiers. When nothing happened, Paul decided to get in touch with his brother Nicholas and noticed that there is no way that is protected from eavesdropping.

Then the brothers decided to invent a new system. Nikolay has developed a cryptographic encryption Protocol MTProto, which gave life to the Telegram. Durov’s company Digital Fortres first developed a program to test innovative methods of protection, which quickly escalated into a full-fledged messenger.

Telegram на компьютере: как установить популярный мессенджер

In 2013, the creators launched the first client for iOS. Later there were versions for Android, Windows, macOS and Linux. The real breakthrough was the introduction of free stickers in 2014.

In 2016, sparked a major row between the leadership of the Telegram and the Russian intelligence services. The latest in the investigation demanded the keys to decrypt the communications of users suspected of terrorism. Pavel Durov and his colleagues refused, and said that these keys they do not. In the end, Roskomnadzor blocked the work of the messenger in Russia. And the court fined 800 thousand rubles. Despite this, now a “Telegram” is used by millions of Russians. Ukraine is also not far behind.

In 2019 Telegram boasts high speed messaging, private cloud storage and unlimited number of chats. At the same time, the messenger there is no directory of channels and discover interesting content from friends or from advertising.

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Install Telegram on PC

Use messenger — absolutely free. So there is no sense to climb on pirate resources. Just go to the official website and download the installer for the PC version (PC-version).

First of all, you need to choose the client for your operating system: Windows, Linux, or MacOS. Next, we will tell on the example “Windows”. After downloading you need to run the file. Installation is simple and takes only a few minutes. Deal with it even novice user.

Telegram на компьютере: как установить популярный мессенджер

After selecting the language (it is Russian), you’ll be prompted to choose the installation path and folder name in “start”. You can specify the most convenient place to store the files or deleting the reference “Telegram” in the operating menu of Windows. In the last box you can tick to show icon to launch from the desktop. Then just press the “Install” button. The desktop client takes up little space, because almost all information is stored on servers.

Telegram на компьютере: как установить популярный мессенджер

First launch and registration

When Telegram is installed on the computer — must pass the registration. The program will start automatically, if you leave the appropriate checkbox in the installer.

The first thing you will have to determine the language. Ukrainians first will offer an interface in Russian. By default, same is English. Then you can change the language in your profile settings. There are available for Ukrainian. After selecting, click on the button “Start communication” (Start messeging).

Telegram на компьютере: как установить популярный мессенджер

Immediately after this Telegram will be asked to provide a phone number. The country code and the telephone client picks on their own, but you can change them in case of an error. If the user was already registered — system will send a verification code directly into messenger. You must enable the messenger on a different device, log in and copying numbers from the message. But if not — click the link and ask to send the code by SMS. There is an additional option for authorization on a return call.

If an account is successfully confirmed, the client is ready to use online. In the future, you can open it by clicking on the icon in the quick access menu or on the desktop.

Telegram на компьютере: как установить популярный мессенджер

To download through the Microsoft Store

In recent versions of Windows (8, 8.1 and 10) the developers have implemented their own online store software. It is also possible to find the Telegram. Moreover, download through the Microsoft Store provides faster installation.

Need to run brand storeby clicking on the icon on the taskbar, the start menu or installed programs.

In the search box you should write the name of the messenger and go to page Telegram Desktop. There will be an eloquent “Install” button. After pressing, the system will automatically download and install the program. From there you can launch or dock icon on start screen for easier access in the future. Registration is no different from the previous method. The same applies to work and updates.

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Telegram на компьютере: как установить популярный мессенджер

The advantages and disadvantages of the PC version

In fact, the Telegram has the same advantages as any other computer program. PC allows more convenient to configure notifications, for example, just turn off the sound. The client can run in the background and do not disturb the user.
The developers came up with for the PC version a few background images, which can be changed at any time. In addition, traditional mechanical keyboard allows for much faster typing. This is useful if you want to publish a long post on the channel. With the mouse it is easier to copy and forward messages.

Is the computer version, two essential disadvantages, which have no apps for IOS or Android: it is impossible to call and use the secret chats, which is so famous messenger. That is, you cannot set the self destruct messages on the timer.

In addition, on smartphones Telegram reports about users from your contacts list who are also registered. They can then write. Chats will continue for the PC version, so, a significant disadvantage can not be called. Moreover, all messages are synced between devices. To add new chats and computer.

Telegram на компьютере: как установить популярный мессенджер

Portable version

Telegram from a special version for Windows — portable. It does not require installation and is downloaded as a zip filethat contains the executable file extension file extension .exe. To use messenger, you can start the program.

The advantage of this method is that the file can always be worn inside the thumb drive or store on the cloud. Simply connect the USB drive to the computer and run the program.

Web version of Telegram

In order to use the messenger via computer or laptop — do not have to download the client. It is possible to go directly via the browserusing the web version. It has fewer features but much more affordable. After all, if you wish, you can go with any device.

Browser-based format allows you to see old and make new contacts, receive notifications to read and write messages. Optionally, change the password for two-step authorization and “hot” key combination.

With the web version, users can protect themselves from data theft. For example, if the lost mobile — it can be found in the list of devices that are logged into the current account, and then remotely razlozhenii it. Thus, the outsider will not be able to read your messages, because the application asks again to login.

Keep in mind that the disconnected device will fly all settings, including the format of notifications. A message with the code will start to come on the Telegram in the browser.

Observe safety precautions in using the web version on another PC. As social networks, the browser does not require re-login after closing the page. To account has become inaccessible, you need to get out of it, clicking Log out in the profile. Otherwise someone might spy on or delete important messages.

Telegram на компьютере: как установить популярный мессенджер

Registration without the phone

As mentioned above, Telegram uses the authentication of the phone number. But some users do not want to “Shine” in the network. It happens that just lost a room, but you have to use the messenger. In 2019 there are ways to circumvent this requirement. Let ways rather uncomfortable.

The first of these special services provide virtual numbers. These can be easily found through search engine. They can legally obtain an SMS-message and enter the code for the Telegram on the computer. Further, it is possible to clean the room and get notifications on the computer or browser client.

You can still register with Skype. The famous program that sells virtual numbers, both on the phone. You can specify them in the Telegram to get the code. Unlike the previous method, the room will have to pay. For an annual subscription of Skype takes about 50 euros.

It will be much cheaper ordinary SIM card from the starter pack. It can be used to receive the code via any phone. Then just change the settings and throw the “SIM card” unnecessary.