Teleconference to be: NewsOne was struck by the incredible trick revealed date

Телемосту быть: NewsOne поразил немыслимой уловкой, раскрыта дата

Scandalous teleconference with Russia will take place. NewsOne announced the date of the conversation with the Pro-Kremlin propagandists

The owner of the TV channel NewsOne Taras Kozak categorically does not want to abandon the idea of holding a teleconference with Russia. After this initiative has caused a wave of discontent in Ukraine and the channel had to abandon it, he still found a way.

So, broadcasters have agreed to broadcast on Russian television. About Kozak said during a meeting with Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev in Moscow.

According to him, a teleconference will be held on Friday, July 12, and the Ukrainians will be able to watch it via satellite TV.

Телемосту быть: NewsOne поразил немыслимой уловкой, раскрыта дата

“Thanks to your journalists that this topic is not to leave, because the share of Russian TV in Ukraine too, there is a satellite dish, and the people watching. because he wanted to talk without politics”, — said Kozak to Medvedev.

Earlier it became known that the teleconference with Russian propaganda on Ukrainian television will not.

NEWSONE TV channel announced the cancellation of the telethon with the Russian channel because of “direct threats of physical violence”.

Previously, we reported that the TV channel NewsOne and the Russian state propaganda TV channel intend to hold a July 12 joint telethon put on by the example of a teleconference between the USSR and the USA, which was held in 1985.

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This news has caused anger not only among Ukrainians. The initiative to hold a teleconference with advocates of Vladimir Putin also reacted angrily to the National Union of journalists of Ukraine.

Телемосту быть: NewsOne поразил немыслимой уловкой, раскрыта дата

President Vladimir Zelensky said that the teleconference is just a PR stunt before the election for some politicians.

“Now you just manipulate politicians who really want to get into Parliament. The difference between them is one will be to Rob, and others will be “grabovci”.

I ask you to keep calm and not to succumb to provocations,” said Zelensky.

We will remind, the Russian politician revealed details of the provocation with the teleconference.

As reported Politeka, Svyatoslav Vakarchuk rigidly carried NewsOne.

Also Politeka wrote that NewsOne severely punished for the idea of a teleconference with Russia: “all involved”.