Teen brutally murdered girlfriend girl: finished with brick, “body found in…”

Подросток жестоко расправился с подругой-школьницей: добивал кирпичом, "тело нашли в..."

Missing 15-year-old girl was found dead in a suburban abandoned building. Law enforcement officers detained the suspect, he was a friend of the same age girls

The teenager confessed to the crime, writes about this Politeka referring to the press service of the Central Board of the TFR in the Moscow region.

A high school student with a head injury found on 2 October in one of the abandoned buildings in Balashikha. The police opened a criminal case on the fact of death and began a search for the killer.

Later managed to detain the suspect, who was a teenager 15 years. The young man studied with a schoolgirl in parallel classes.

Подросток жестоко расправился с подругой-школьницей: добивал кирпичом, "тело нашли в..."

According to the guy, he decided to kill his friend because of the conflict. The detainee admitted his guilt during interrogation. Now the consequence intends to apply to the court with the petition for custody of a teenager.

The police was able to learn more accurate details of the tragedy. On Tuesday, 1 October, 15-year-old Natasha and her boyfriend from a parallel class went to the abandoned part of the military to drink beer. Towards evening the topic of conversation turned to family. As admitted in the interrogation of Matthew, the girl, whose parents – a fairly affluent and successful people, began to insult his family.

Next, Natasha allegedly has mentioned a bad word daddy, Matthew, who died several years ago from cancer. Repeatedly reminded the sarcastic tone that he is being raised in a single-parent family. The young guy could not stand such insults, he grabbed the girl by the neck and pushed. She fell to the ground and hit his head on the concrete floor. Matthew decided that a friend died, grabbed a brick and swung at my head…

Подросток жестоко расправился с подругой-школьницей: добивал кирпичом, "тело нашли в..."

After that, the teenager as if nothing had happened went home. The next day he visited his grandmother, who works at a local club. At this time, missing Natasha already searched for. Friends of Matthew say that he is a good boy, is not capable of such atrocities.

Earlier it was reported that 18-year-old man and his lover in an unconscious state was found in the Elevator of an apartment house in New Moscow. To save the girl’s life, doctors failed.

A terrible tragedy happened on 1 October about 22 hours in one of the buildings.

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31-year-old woman was walking home one evening after work. Going to his house, she noticed that the door of the passenger lift was opened. Coming closer, she saw in the car young boy and a girl. Both were unconscious.

Подросток жестоко расправился с подругой-школьницей: добивал кирпичом, "тело нашли в..."

“They lay in unnatural positions and did not respond to my voice,” said the woman. A resident of the flats was very frightened and immediately called the medics.

Arrived outfit “emergency” the young man was hospitalized in the intensive care unit of a hospital in the city. His companion died, without regaining consciousness. According to the source in law enforcement bodies, the day before the young people took drugs.

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As reported Politeka, cars with military crashed in an accident.

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