Technological disaster in a sea of impressive scale: “water became black” scene of shipwreck

Техногенная катастрофа в море поражает масштабами: «вода стала черной», кадры кораблекрушения

Vessel collided in the sea transport channel and was severely damaged. One of them is flipped

The shipwreck has led to serious consequences, because one of the vessels was the tug with oil barges. Technological disaster occurred in the United States in the transport channel at the city of Houston on may 11. Reported by ABC News.

It is known that sea River tanker Genesis crashed into a tow with barges. The result was leakage of petroleum products.

At the moment the clashes are conducted works on liquidation of consequences of technogenic catastrophes.

It is known that as a result of collision in the water were tens of thousands of tons of petroleum products.

Техногенная катастрофа в море поражает масштабами: «вода стала черной», кадры кораблекрушения

According to the U.S. coast guard, 230-foot tanker collided with a tugboat that was pushing two barges, each of which was about 90 thousand tons of the reformed (reformed — gasoline intended for chemical industry). One barge overturned, another was seriously damaged.

The data about victims did not arrive yet.

Local officials report that while it is not established how much of a toxic substance spilled into the water, but the water can be seen a large oil slick and there is a sharp odor.

At the moment the sea channel in the disaster area will be temporarily closed for movement.

Previously, we reported that the Italian ship was carrying 250 passengers and 90 crew members (340 people), but suffered technical problems on the way to the Croatian port of Split, near the Kornati archipelago in the Adriatic sea. Weather conditions hamper the rescue operation.

The victims on the ship “Aurelia,” no.

A passenger ship was coming from Ancona to the Italian resort town in Croatia. According to reports, the problem arose with the engines of the ship. Due to the bad weather the small rescue ships were forced to sail back to the Marina and not getting to the ship.

We will remind, Aivazovsky’s paintings at the bottom of the Black sea: the divers were stunned by the statement.

As reported Politeka, a terrible discovery at the Crimean bridge shocked the world: “the remains of the lift parts”.

Also Politeka wrote that in sea tragedy: 70 people died a horrible death.