Tears nikitiuk made a Frank admission: “when he comes home…”

Заплаканная Никитюк сделала откровенное признание: «когда он приходит домой…»

Ukrainian TV presenter Les nikitiuk made a personal confession to a long-term relationship

The TV star admitted that broke up with her boyfriend, but continues to communicate with him. Show-woman were not sure her feelings for ex-partner.

She told the programme “Exam with Efrosinina”:

“I’m free. Already pereplakala and released. We loved each other and continue to live back-to-back. I relaxed when I hear as he comes home to his apartment, my dog starts to whine, because she knows he’s home already. We always meet by chance, what I feel this meeting. We greet, talk, but no more.”

Lesya Nikityuk said that her affair lasted 2.5 years:

“I’m in a state of loneliness, but I have taken it alone. At first I was terrified of him. Rolled over the world like so… I ended the relationship, but I can’t say stopped if the feeling or not. Next will be to decide for God,” she said.

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Popular showmen and TV presenter Les nikitiuk welcomes experiments with style and is not afraid to appear in public in daring outfits.

And for fresh photos in Instagram Lady Les showed how to wear the trend this season Cycling shorts.

Recently, the Forest gave his car and became a pedestrian, therefore leading puzzled by the choice of a new vehicle. She asked fans to guess which car I prefer.

In the photo Lesya captured in a stylish jacket coffee color, black velosipedah and heels. She holds in her hands a box of flowers and smiling disarmingly at the camera.

Recall nikitiuk showed the chest in a revealing neckline.

As reported Politeka Nikityuk trimmed underwear in transparent dress.

Also Politeka wrote that nikitiuk with mom staged an unusual walk.