Tears Kravets pulled the daughter into an adult venture: “nobody ever loves Me”

Заплаканная Кравец втянула дочь во взрослую авантюру: "Меня никто не полюбит"

Star of the Quarter 95 Elena Kravetz daughter Mary starred in the video of Reporoa Dmitry Shurov and hip-hop singer Alina Pash

Clip called first led is the anthem of the women’s diversity and fortitude of those women who change the world for the better.

Shurov urged women not to be afraid to be themselves, because that’s what they interesting.

“Nobody loves me and won’t like. Because I’m too fat or thin. Because it is already old — 30 passes. Because I have a big nose, small Breasts, short legs. Because I have no talent, no money, live in the province. I’m never gonna amount to anything, because, because, because… ” But a paradox: I have not met even a single uninteresting women. I see that each of you have your own superpower, unique beauty and a world of possibilities,” says Shurov.

Заплаканная Кравец втянула дочь во взрослую авантюру: "Меня никто не полюбит"

He called this clip to appreciate their identity, develop talents and achieve their goals — and there is always someone who wants to be around.

“First Lady” — my ode to women’s diversity and the strength of the women who are changing our world for the better. Want to be a boxer? Be. I want to be alone? No questions asked! I want there to be a volunteer — go! Want to be a businesswoman — only! Just want to be beautiful, but was born a man? There is always someone who will support you,” he told about the idea of clip — Pianoboy.

According to the musician, women are very influenced him and his life.

“Women have strongly influenced my personality and has filled my life with new meanings. We live in a time when women have the right to be themselves,” — said the musician.

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Заплаканная Кравец втянула дочь во взрослую авантюру: "Меня никто не полюбит"

In addition to Helen Krawiec, who was crying, also in the clip noticed designer Liliya Litkovskaya, co-founder G. Bar Sabine Musin travesty diva Dana national, TV presenter Caroline Ashion and Vasilisa Frolova and so on.

We will remind, the hot beauty of “Kvartal 95” light up Breasts without a bra.

As reported Politeka, Kravets and other beauties “Quarter 95” struck bold photos from behind the scenes.

Politeka also wrote that the leader of “95 Quarter” showed who was behind Polyakova.