Team Zelensky, urgently appealed to the Ukrainians, the situation is catastrophic: “there are only…”

Команда Зеленского срочно обратилась к украинцам, ситуация катастрофическая: "Осталось всего..."

The team of President Vladimir Zelensky appealed to Ukrainians before the early parliamentary elections

Thus, the Ukrainians are reminded that to change the place of voting in the elections only 14 days. The corresponding statement appeared on the official pages of the teams Zelensky in social networks.

“I’ve only got 14 days to change the place of voting. And according to the CEC, only 32 403 people have done it before the election on July 21. This is too small a figure, because before the second round of almost 400,000 Ukrainians have changed the place of voting. Take your friends and family and change the place of voting right now, because all you need is your passport. Will make them again!”, – calls on the President’s team.

Команда Зеленского срочно обратилась к украинцам, ситуация катастрофическая: "Осталось всего..."

Earlier it was reported that after coming to power of Vladimir Zelensky and his team , MPs may permanently expel from Parliament for absenteeism. The representative of the President in the Parliament Ruslan Stefanchuk announced a new bill that will introduce to the Parliament a severe punishment for neglect of work.

On the eve of Ruslan Stefanchuk announced plans to make MPs physically make up for lost working hours. In the office of Vladimir Zelensky do not want to introduce a new criminal article, not to exacerbate the already dangerous level of crime in Ukraine. Instead, Ruslan Stefanchuk and his colleagues considered more socially useful ideas.

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Команда Зеленского срочно обратилась к украинцам, ситуация катастрофическая: "Осталось всего..."

“I insist that it should be criminal liability. And it should not be about penalties, not in the tree, and in public works. If you don’t want to work and 25% of their time to represent people, please, go to another job: to wash the streets, to take care of the sick and so forth. there is another idea that still, it cannot be criminalized as a high level of criminalization of society is not good. We are now in discussion. But the fact that the responsibility for truancy will be – it is unambiguous”, – said the representative of the President in the Verkhovna Rada.

Recall Zelensky chose the punishment to Klimkin , there is an urgent statement.

As reported Politeka, the “Servant of the people” panic before the election is held is not all: what Zelensky.

Also Politeka wrote that in the new Parliament will be two groups of MPs: “this is a very big negative”.