Team Zelensky is preparing a “jump” that will forever change the life of Ukrainians: details

Команда Зеленского готовит «прыжок», который навсегда изменит жизнь украинцев: подробности

In the Office of President Vladimir Zelensky said to what time are planning to launch the land market

This was stated by the head of the Office of the President Alexey Goncharuk, reports Bloomberg.

“Our team has the understanding that if not this year, it will be difficult,” he said.

Команда Зеленского готовит «прыжок», который навсегда изменит жизнь украинцев: подробности

At the moment, says Goncharuk, on Bank conduct negotiations with the world Bank in relation to the model of open agricultural land market in Ukraine.

The most radical version provides that the opening of the land market will lead to an acceleration of Ukraine’s economic growth at 3% per year. The least radical provides for an increase of this indicator on 0,5%.

“We are looking for the least painful and most effective model,” he said.

As previously reported, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has signed the Decree “On some measures to improve the access of individuals and legal entities to electronic services”. The report said that the decree will greatly facilitate the lives of Ukrainians — they say, “in one click without the queues and bribes.” Information published on the website of the Official Internet representation of the President.

It is known that the decree is aimed at streamlining and transparency of the state registers, development of modern means of electronic identification and implementation of priority for citizens and businesses e-government services.

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Conduct a full audit of the work of the state registers is a priority action point for the document-the adviser of the President of Ukraine Mikhail Fedorov commented on the innovation:

“Today in Ukraine there are more than 350 public registers, most of which operate completely inefficient and opaque. This is the main cause of raiding, corruption and other schemes in the provision of various public services, such as construction or land areas “. Happens sort of mass purge of unnecessary items.

Команда Зеленского готовит «прыжок», который навсегда изменит жизнь украинцев: подробности

Recall that fulfilled the most terrible dream Tymoshenko: ruthless Zelensky said who will be Prime Minister.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky made an emergency statement immediately after the election: “do Not relax”.

Politeka also wrote that there was a reaction Zelensky and Vakarchuk on the historic triumph.