Team Zelensky bluff: three steps that will forever destroy the corrupt

Команда Зеленского раскрыла карты: три шага, которые навсегда уничтожат коррупционеров

The President’s team of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky presented a draft new anti-corruption strategy

New anti-corruption strategy will be aimed at translation services online and should cover the areas with the highest corruption risk. On July 24 this said the Deputy head of the President’s Office Ruslan riaboshapka, the conference of the Centre for political and legal reforms. During the event were presented the new draft anti-corruption strategy. The relevant document was not in Ukraine from 2017.

“First, it is necessary to provide in the strategy a focus on digitalization of government’s work. The President’s initiative “the State of the smartphone” provides the maximum number of services online, because corruption can be fought with digital technologies. Secondly, it is important that the strategy was concise and clear and focused on specific corruption themes: state-owned banks, energy, mining industry, defense sector,” — said Ruslan Ryaboshapka.

Команда Зеленского раскрыла карты: три шага, которые навсегда уничтожат коррупционеров

For his part, the head of Department of development of legislation and programmes”, USAID Interaction,” Robert Sievers proposed to focus on three aspects: a concise strategy, a separate anti-corruption program of public authorities and communication for the education of zero tolerance to corruption.

Earlier it was reported that on 25 July the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky met with the newly elected people’s deputies from party “the servant of the people” to discuss a number of fundamental issues. Details of the meeting revealed the newly elected MP from “public Servants” Bohdan Yaremenko, posting a video message on his page in Facebook.

“There was a meeting with the faction” people’s Servants “with the President. The President said, Bogdan, Bakanov, Razumkov, Sefir. A very simple message: the President and his closest entourage wanted to pay attention and to emphasize that we are still human beings, because we have a big responsibility, ” — said Yaremenko.

Команда Зеленского раскрыла карты: три шага, которые навсегда уничтожат коррупционеров

According to the politician, Vladimir Zelensky, to demonstrate the seriousness of its intentions, said that if he loses control of the faction, if the talk about the corruption of deputies from the “Servants” will become popular, the President is ready to act harshly and his hand will not tremble to dissolve Parliament.

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