Teachers exert pressure tactics

membres-syndicat-personnel-enseignant-cegep(SHERBROOKE) The 2015-2020 collective agreement still not signed, teachers Cegep de Sherbrooke undertake leverage.

Union members of the teaching staff of the Cegep de Sherbrooke (SPECS-CSN) adopted the tentative agreements in January, but the work of drafting the final agreement stumbles.

This step takes place “poorly since it was the site of several clashes. On some important issues, the representatives of the employer deny the agreement sectoral principle in the clear objective to further gains, “argues the SPECS in a word addressed to members. In the eyes of the trade union body, this particular impact “on the resource allocated to continuing education.”

The union body considers in particular that the employer wants to bypass the Labour Relations Committee (CRT) local.

Another friction element: the constraints that surround the use of an envelope intended to support struggling students.

“The use is more restrictive than what was presented to us. In the last month, what we found is that the rules have changed. We have constraints that will ensure that we can not use resources to their greatest potential. There is also an accountability that seems tedious. ”

Teachers are invited to send emails to members of management or to go wear clean hands leaflets.

Asked about what happens next and possible intensification of pressure tactics, the chairman of the SPECS, Steve McKay notes that a meeting of the unions of the National Federation of Teachers of Quebec (FNEEQ) is scheduled for next week and that we could know more at that time.

“If the employer refuses to honor his word when signing agreements in principle, we, the SPECS-CSN, like the other teacher unions (s) CEGEP members FNEEQ will force the implementation of the 2010-2015 collective agreement on the current project tasks, which means that we have to redo the entire operation tasks for autumn 2016. if necessary, it is clear that departments and teacher (s) will be affected, “it said in the note addressed to teachers, which refers to the CRT and use of resources allocated to training, one of the major irritants in this folder.

A union meeting is scheduled for 30 May.

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