Taylor Swift : in the trial against the radio host who was assaulted in 2013, it bears witness to the bar – Here

In 2013, a local radio host had pawed Taylor Swift during a meeting. The singer had revealed the facts, and he was dismissed. Humiliated by the dismissal, he had filed a complaint against her and held him to extort $ 3 million. His complaint has just been dismissed…

The story does not date from yesterday. Remember : in June 2013, a host of the radio KYGO had touched the buttocks of Taylor Swift during a photo session organized in the margins of a concert in Denver. The perpetrator, a certain David Mueller, then had slid his hand under the skirt of the singer to the fiddle.

An act of unprecedented violence that had deeply shocked this last. Despite the fear, Taylor Swift was blow up this story on the big day. David Mueller was immediately been dismissed. If this dark history had been able to stay there !

In September 2015, still shocked to have been let go unceremoniously to the radio for which he was officiating at the time of the famous touching, David Mueller then decided to lodge a complaint against the singer with an argument as dishonest as bogus : having publicly spoken about the sexual assault she had suffered and which he has supposedly not been the author, it would simply be responsible for her dismissal. It was necessary to dare !

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Fortunately, the justice sleep. After the filing of this complaint, Taylor Swift responded by depositing in turn a complaint against David Mueller.

Last June, the judge in charge of the case has finally rejected the complaint of David Mueller by declaring that the singer could not under any circumstances be held responsible for his dismissal and that of all ways, David Mueller had delayed too long to complain and that it was time-barred.

Since this Monday, will be held in the Colorado trial that pits the singer to his aggressor. Days each during which she had to return to the traumatic assault of which she was the victim. As if the touching had taken place the day before, she testified.

“It is stuck to the bare skin of my buttock while I tried to disengage. His hand did I not let go “, she thus told.

For his part, David Mueller has tried to defend. “I thought it was his rib cage “, he as well told. Taylor Swift has held on and continued to tell her story of her assault. “He has not touched my hand, my arm, my ribs. He touched my bare buttocks “, she explained before asking how much this gesture had shocked. “It was very shocking. I was never nothing happened of the sort before, ” she confessed.

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