Taxi drivers: for busy emergency meeting

1261136Around 200 taxi drivers gathered in Montreal for an emergency meeting to determine the strategy to be adopted in their crusade against the one-year pilot project allowing Uber to transport clients. Early on, around 14 pm, the atmosphere was already agitated.

“The agreement that was reached is unfair […] I have news for Mr. Lessard, we will not let this go,” said Benoit Jugand, responsible for the strategic development of the Coalition of independent workers Steelworkers ( RTAM).

“We will explain what we like approach, or it is made, or we’re going … We will talk about legal remedies, filing class action against Uber and permanent injunction against being Uber, “has he said before putting the drivers in the scent of intentions RTAM.

“Monday we will all come to the office of the Minister Lessard and a joint meeting we will insist with all the associations so that we have the correct time,” said Mr. Jugand under a rain of applause.

“We finally agreed that an appeal will be filed against the government, he added with a thunderous applause. This LE appeal the taxi industry. ”

In this announcement, almost all of the drivers sitting in the room stood up, fist in the air, expressing loudly their agreement.

During the meeting, it will issue strike threats, the question paratransit and the meeting between Alexandre Taillefer Taxelco and Benoit Jugand of RTAM held Sunday morning.

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