“Tanks, insulation, the enemies”: published prophetic video with Nemtsov (VIDEO)

»Танки, изоляция, враги»: опубликовано пророческое видео с Немцовым (ВИДЕО)

In the Internet appeared the video with the Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov, in which he predicts what will be the life of the modern Putin’s Russia.

The clip is dated 2008, and it lists all the Germans, it is now the country lives-the aggressor — ranging from military fervor and ending with sanctions and poverty of the population. Recording shared a Russian journalist Arkady, Babchenko on his page in Facebook.

“As the scenario. Here’s just one to one. The fact that all the appropriate people, it was clear even ten years ago. 2008. Now listen to me: the next stage — a new war boiled dogs and armed alcoholics at checkpoints. Get out of there,” the aptly signed it.

In particular, the video starts with the words of Nemtsov that the Russian President Vladimir Putin will sacrifice welfare for the sake of a new arms race.

“Now Russia spends on weapons $40 billion. About 20% of the budget. Russia, for example, will spend two times more. The money will have to take from whom? Pensioners, teachers, doctors. Thus, the most important problem of Russia’s poverty. When my mother receives a pension of 100 euros and pay the rent of 70, her life remains 1 Euro per day. Putin will deal with the production of weapons at this time. We have such as my mom, and another 38 million. And 25 million people live on less than $2 a day. Putin will build the tanks and missiles, obviously,” he warns his listeners.

The next problem then still future, which draws the attention of the politician, is the international isolation that Russia will inevitably face. So, Nemtsov predicted the exclusion of Russia from the Big eight and serious problems in relations between the European Union and Russia, which would entail sanctions and the severance of cooperation with the West Russian business.

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“Finally, it is obvious that when Russia is surrounded by enemies, within the country will increase the reaction, xenophobia, that is, the hatred of all other citizens of the planet, and will strengthen the authoritarian and dictatorial tendencies,” the prophetic made the Germans his speech.


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