Talking on phone while driving: what penalties await drivers

Разговор по телефона за рулем: какие штрафы ждут водителей


In today’s world we can’t see how you can do without the phone. Often we use them behind the wheel, knowing that it distracts us from the road and can cause accidents. However, you need to always remember that talking on a cell while driving is an administrative offence. This reminds Ukrainians of the National police, according to

According to paragraph 2.9 (d) of the Rules of traffic of Ukraine, the driver is prohibited while driving the vehicle to use the means of communication, holding them in hand (except for drivers operating vehicles in carrying out their emergency assignments).

For non-compliance of traffic rules in terms of talking on a cell phone provides for administrative liability to a fine. To use a means of communication is possible only through a special headset, which allows not to be distracted from driving the vehicle. However, even talking on the phone while driving using a headset “hands-free” in the police suggest to minimize.

Art according to article 122 part 2 the fine for talking on a cell while driving is 425 USD.

In the patrol police of the Dnieper said that if the driver in the bus talking on the phone, you can make a picture and call the police.

While driving the driver is prohibited to eat, drink, smoke and talk on the phone. Take a photo, call the patrol and be witnesses.

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