Talk about what parts are worth buying used, and what is better to get a new one.

Talk about what parts are worth buying used, and what is better to get a new one.

Поговоримо про те, які запчастини варто купувати б/у, а які краще взяти новими.

We all love to save, get pleasure from discounts and rejoice when we find something cheaper than elsewhere. The same applies to car, find auto parts at the best price have not tried it except that lazy or rich. Given the exchange rate, all of the parts before the cars become too expensive for even wealthy motorists, as a result, secondary market began to flourish, informs UkrMedia.

In practice, however, this saving is not always justified, because often the auto parts very quickly becomes useless and spent her money can be considered wasted. In addition to “hit” on the money, used auto parts, we can deliver other inconveniences, which are more dangerous and mainly for health. For example, the failure of the braking system that is assembled from parts.

In this article we’ll talk about what parts are worth buying and which are not, it is better to take new, and that you can buy a “used car”. The topic is relevant, so don’t walk away.

Body parts b/u

New body parts are expensive, besides, under the order of the parts can go quite a long time. In this case it makes sense to buy used parts of the body to perform rehabilitation work. The price of such parts will be much lower, up to 50%, depending on brand, model, condition and the “greed” of the seller. Straightening the damaged parts of the body does not always cost effective and often only worsens the overall look of the car. Plus when selling a car, a layer of putty will be detected and you will have to reduce the price. It is important when buying used elements myself not to get on ratowanie or painted parts. To do this, when you buy check the item in all possible ways.

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Body plastic and optics

Bumpers, moldings, overlays, nameplates, and optical devices can also be safely not buy new, so much cheaper, and the result is the same, and sometimes better. How used auto parts can be better than new? And very simple! If you have lost or broken, for example, trim or molding, when purchasing new items, you will find that it strongly stands out from the “native” parts. Therefore, in this situation more acceptable buying used parts, it will merge with the other, and no one will know about your accidents or body repairs.

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