Facts About Ukrainian Currency

A Ukrainian flag waving in air

Ukraine is the second largest country by area in Europe, coming second after Russia. The country’s gross domestic product i.e., annual production is worth up to 153.8 billion US dollars and has an annual growth rate of 3.2% as per World Bank. In this post, let’s explore some interesting facts about the … Read more

History of The Canadian Dollar

Canadian coins featuring Queen Elizabeth II

The history of Canada’s currency is having a unique perspective that tells us about the economy of Canada and Canada as a nation. The evolution of Canadian money can be traced from its pre-colonial origins till the present day. The currency had the early French and British colonial chaos period. The sweeping … Read more

Amazing Facts About The U.S Dollar

A person holding $100 banknotes

After the Coinage Act 1792, signed by George Washington, the first American dollar was circulated in 1974. The U.S. dollar was circulated in the U.S to determine the legislative basis for minting money. A system was introduced by the document in which 1 dollar was equal to 100 cents. It also determined … Read more