Sylvie Tellier : to celebrate two months of marriage, she is sharing a video of this “magical day” – Here

On the 14th of July last, Sylvie Tellier said ” yes ” to her mate Laurent. An unforgettable moment that she can now relive thanks to a beautiful video.

Sylvie Tellier is on a little cloud and does not seem ready to descend. The general director of the company Miss France, has surely experienced been the most wonderful of his life and never misses an opportunity to get back into his memories.

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Two months ago, Miss France 2002 invited all of her friends the beauty queens on a beach in the South of France to share one of the most beautiful days of his life. In the utmost discretion, she has sealed her fate to the man of her life, Lawrence, the one who loves with his “weaknesses” , the one with which she feels ” more woman “. An unforgettable moment loaded with emotion, a “magical day” that she unveiled on Instagram.

2 months already… Thank you my friends for making this magical day❤️ @nicolasfafiotte @confidentialmakeup #wedding #weddingdetails #wedding #instalove #friendsforever

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His loyal followers, moreover, had learned the good news on social networks. And a few weeks later, they attend the ceremony. “2 months “, wrote yesterday Sylvie Tellier in the caption of a photo of his preparations prior to posting to the delight of his fans a video of the big day. The gorgeous bride’s dress in Calais lace, the make-up session, the alliances, the arrival of the lovers on the sand, the wedding… In just a few seconds, this little clip tells the tale of a fairy that has lived in the beautiful blonde. Of seconds to eternity.

Love story❤️#2mois #instalove #weeding #weddingday #family #memories #video @dirtyprodtv @missfranceoff #friends @confidentialmakeup @nicolasfafiotte @irismittenaeremf @marinelorphelin_off @camillecerf @legraintrapani @alexandrarosenfeld @nathalie_marquay_pernaut @chloemortaud

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