Sylvain (The Best Pastry) forced to abandon the adventure due to a discomfort – Here

Sylvain, one of the applicants for the Best Pastry chef, has been forced to abandon the contest after he suffered discomfort during filming.

Next Tuesday, during the fifth episode of the Best Pastry chef, Julia Vignali will announce to the viewers a sad news : Sylvain, one of the competitors, has been forced to abandon the adventure ” for personal reasons “. Because of this, the candidates will not be more than seven to continue the broadcast scope by Cyril Lignac.

According to the information of Puremédias, it is for medical reasons that Sylvain had to abruptly leave the culinary competition. In fact, during the shooting, the adviser to the funeral of 52-year-old was the victim of a malaise, which turned out to be an anxiety attack. Supported by physicians, the latter have called for stopping the program of M6, what the candidate has accepted.

If on that day it will be better, the chain has assured the media site that she did not wish to comment on the case, and has called to “preserve the privacy” of Sylvain.

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