Sweets offered to children: a Sherbrooke refers to the RPM

1226591(SHERBROOKE) A man claiming to be the person who was seen Sunday on the street Blizzard Orford has reported Memphremagog Police Authority (RPM).

The Sherbrooke 30 years has warned the police that this was his description and his vehicle.

According to Sylvain Guay, spokesman for the RPM, he was looking for homes for sale with his wife in the sector. The driver said he had wanted to greet the neighbors, and in no time he offered candy to children.

He also denied having fled the scene at the sight of a parent come in his direction, having only kept on going.

The man is reported to RPM after the media coverage of the event during the day Monday.

“The police have been notified of this information and we still transmitted to the vehicle owner information,” says Guay.

“There is no open criminal investigation into this matter, by cons we maintain information at our level.”

Parents of children at the origin of the complaint were told that the driver was reported to our police service with explanations, also mentions the police lieutenant.

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