Sweets cause cancer: top dangerous products

Сладости вызывают рак: топ опасных продуктов

Popular sweets can trigger the development of cancer

Danger famous sweets is that they contain a variety of ingredients with artificial chemical compounds. The greatest danger to human health are sweet foods which include additive E129. This additive is food coloring, which gives confectionery products in different kinds of shades of red.

American scientists also noted in their research that this dye is produced from petroleum products, and for the human body it is a carcinogen, i.e. a substance causing abnormal activity of cells and the occurrence of malignant tumors.

Сладости вызывают рак: топ опасных продуктов

The greatest amount of dye that is harmful to our body, is in the red gummy products. Experts note that it is best to refrain from eating such sweets, including the need to stop buying these products for children.

The researchers also point out that the Supplement is harmful in large quantities is added by the manufacturers in syrups for ice cream (often with berry flavor).

Experts have advised to avoid products, which involves the use of various additional additives to improve the taste of the syrups, gravies, toppings. So the sweet tooth and ice cream lovers should focus their attention on choosing more healthy products without additives, which gives confectionery red hue.

Сладости вызывают рак: топ опасных продуктов

Note that the additive E129 is not the only dye that can be carcinogenic substance towards the human body. These substances when ingested in our body increase the likelihood of cancer. Especially a lot of ingredients in soda.

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