Sweet tooth in childhood can lead to alcoholism

Пристрастие к сладкому в детстве может обернуться алкоголизмом

The usual children’s love for sweets can lead to alcoholism in adulthood, scientists say

Junk food with high sugar content is often more popular with the children. European scientists decided to investigate, there is a direct relationship between the abuse of sweets in childhood and alcohol use in adulthood.

This writes the Austrian newspaper Der Standard, citing research in the framework of a long-term project IDEFICS, which deals with the study of the factors contributing to the problem of being overweight.

Пристрастие к сладкому в детстве может обернуться алкоголизмом

In the study, researchers observed over 16 thousand volunteers at the age from 7 to 17 years from 8 European countries. Most of them were examined by doctors, and their parents asked to answer a number of questions.

The collected data analyzed Kirsten meling from the University of Gothenburg. She came to the conclusion that children who consume a lot of sweet and fatty foods are more likely prone to the regular consumption of alcohol. This is confirmed by previous animal experiments, which confirmed a direct relationship between love for sweets and alcohol.

However, the neurological mechanism behind all of this, to identify so far failed. However, the publication notes that the study showed the urgent need to raise awareness about the consequences of poor diets.

Add, scientists have discovered how different types of alcohol affect the emotional state of a person. Scientists conducted an international survey involving 29 836 men and came to the conclusion that mood after drinking alcohol can not only depend on the situation and individual to individual, but also on the type of drink. The researchers believe that their findings will help people better evaluate the impact of alcohol on their emotional state.

Пристрастие к сладкому в детстве может обернуться алкоголизмом

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In the anonymous survey involved residents of 21 countries aged 18 to 34 years. The main condition for the participants in the survey had regular intake of alcohol in all its forms. Participants indicated their age and level of education, as well as alcoholic drinks they drank in the past year. Also, the participants reported, the type of drinks they usually drink at home, and some outside it.

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